Thursday, February 02, 2006

Former LANL employees who retired as UC employees

Submitted by Anonymous:

Pay close attention to the answer to question 005. It looks like you will in fact be separated from the primary UCRP.

Former LANL employees who retired as UC employees and LANL employees who retire between now and May 31, 2006 will receive pension payments from the UCRP-LANL Plan. Employees who participate in LANS PP2 will also receive retirement distributions from PP2 when they elect to retire.

When exactly did UCRP-LANL become a fait accompli?
It ain't over till a caseload of lawyers sings.
I wouldn't put much credence in this at this point. These short answers are only presuming how things move forward. If UCRP splits off LANL, it affects everyone who has retired from LANL under UCRP be it this year or in years past. This change is yet to be determined.
Maybe UPTE and SPSE will cure this issue up once and for all.

I was hoping that it would be before the end of May of 2006
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