Sunday, February 26, 2006

Feds Fault Livermore Lab in Plutonium Exposure Mishap

- Federal regulators are largely blaming Lawrence Livermore National Lab for a series of accidents that exposed workers to plutonium, according to a newspaper report.

Citing a report from the US Department of Energy, the San Francisco Chronicle says that while investigators at first only faulted the contractor who ran the Livermore facility where the mishaps happened in 2004, the lab must share liability.

Five workers at the lab inhaled plutonium particles while packaging radioactive waste that was to be shipped to New Mexico for disposal.


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Is this article the official start of the LLNL contract competition?
It's validation that UC is qualified to be awarded the contract after the competition is over.
I think you’re onto something Fink. Now that the accusation is out in public there are only a few more steps in the process. UC has a high dollar “fixer” on the payroll and as soon as he’s done solving the mystery of who stole the strawberries out of the fridge at DTRA they’ll bring him in to get all of these Pu snortin cowboys in line. Next they’ll frame up one of LLNL’s top scientists and drive him into the grave. Then it’s only a small matter of shutting the place down, pissing away a billion dollars, and UC will be a shoe in for the contract. Bodman will then tell the nation with a straight face, “Hey, no politics in this one folks,” and it’s a done deal.

Or, maybe my imagination is getting the best of me, nothing like that could really happen, could it?
"Or, maybe my imagination is getting the best of me, nothing like
that could really happen, could it?" - John Horne

I dunno? Is cranky Adm. Foley still running UC's National Lab ops
at UCOP? Is the clueless Dr. Dynes still heading up leadership
of UC? Is the devious Mr. Parsky still head of the UC Regents?

Yeah, I guess it could all happen once again! UC may believe
they've got a winning strategy in their game book. Otherwise,
these characters would not still be holding their UC jobs. I
don't envy what you people out at LLNL are probably getting
ready to go through.
For the Record:

The Mobile Visual Examination and Repackaging (MOVER) facility was operated at UC's LLNL by Washington TRU Solutions (WTS) - a Washington Group International (WGI) company. WGI is now a partner with UC in LANS, the new operator of LANL.

UC's LANL originally designed the MOVER. Prior to its completion in October 2000, it was transferred by LANL to WTS at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Upon receipt of the MOVER, WTS found incomplete quality records and quality deficiencies by LANL. Subsequently WGI's WTS, with the help of UC's LANL, assembled the existing design records for the MOVER, and WTS completed the construction of the MOVER in January 2001.

So was this;

1. a UC screw up
2. a WGI screw up
3. a LLNL screw up
4. a LANL screw up
5. all of the above
6. none of the above.
7. a DOE screw up for forcing this project down the throats of the above with a demanding schedule, convoluted management lines, and insufficient funding

Bottomline, the inbreeding of contractor relationships within the DOE complex is so incredibly blended together, holding contractors truly accountable impossible.
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