Wednesday, February 08, 2006

DOE levels LANL '07 budget

ROGER SNODGRASS,, Monitor Assistant Editor

Los Alamos National Laboratory's weapons activities would expand by $80 million and its supercomputer budget would grow by $47 million, two apparent bright spots in the federal budget proposal released in Washington.

A surprising decline in environmental cleanup, down $50 million, and a $49 million reduction in nonproliferation, headed the list of cutbacks at Los Alamos.

They were among the many gainers and losers in the administration's $2.7 trillion spending proposal released Monday. The Department of Energy's share held steady at $23.6 billion, although several new initiatives necessarily carved out cuts elsewhere in the department.

Speaking of DOE and National Nuclear Security Administration prospects, Sen. Pete Domenici, R-NM, summed up, "This is not a year of splendid growth at all, but rather a year when we could say we've held our own."


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(Los Alamos Contaminated National Weapons Laboratory).

DOE will be proud of us as we follow in RFP's footsteps.
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The general talk down in Albuquerque is that raises will be 0% this year. Funding for DOE lab raises will come out of how many people retire whose jobs are either not replaced or replaced by lower wage people.
Grunt, you mean to tell me there are people working at LANL right now, who once gone, either need not be replaced or were overpaid for the job they were doing?

I thought grad physics was difficult, but I just cannot get my mind around that concept.
Jezus F*cking H. Christ, educatedbeyondmyability!

Did you *really* just ask if there were people who would not be missed if they were fired from LANL tomorrow?

You have truly picked a moniker that fits you, although it might have been better if if were something like "educatedawholebunchbuttotallylackingincommensense".

What part of the term "dead wood" is so difficult for you to assimilate?
Oh, wait. You were joking, weren't you, educated.

Weren't you?
Rod, dude, you have got to learn to recognize sarcasm when you see it. Stop stressing so much.

But hey, let me f*cking try again. LANL could blow out 1000-2000 people that would never be missed. From deadwood to total j*rkoffs. Clearer?

And that's Jezus F*cking H-bar Christ.

Yeah, my buddy Fink is also suffering from HDD (Humor Deficit Disease).

We'll get over it. Good single malt scotch helps immensely.

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