Thursday, February 16, 2006

"...communications will increase." Uh Huh.

From the 2/7/2006 LANL NewsBulletin:

New message available on Transition Web page

February 16, 2006

Picking up the pace is the focus of the newest message on the Laboratory's transition from Rich Marquez, associate director for administration (ADA), leader of the Transition team. The message is on the Transition Web page.

In the message, Marquez talks about how as the Laboratory continues its transition to a new management and operations contractor on June 1, communications will increase. He also notes that Los Alamos National Security, LLC, is continuing its personnel mapping so LANS can send out offer letters by March 15.

The Laboratory's Transition Web site is the Laboratory's official source for up-to-date information about the Laboratory's transition from the current management and operations contractor, the University of California, to the new contractor, Los Alamos National Security, LLC. The Transition Web page now also has a search tool for searching information related to the transition (see story in today's Daily Newsbulletin).

Uh, huh. And if you believe that communications will increase at LANL under the dubious guidance of Rich Marquez, Micheline Devaurs, and "Baghdad Bob" Jim Fallin, then I've got this bridge sitting over Omega Canyon that I'd be happy to sell you.

That bridge is mine.
I know the Laboratory's transition is primarily focused on staff with a functioning Z Number, but retirees have a vested interest too (you know, like health insurance and stuff). So is there a back entrance, so to speak, to these web pages, or is the information not worth chasing?
I feel your pain, Dude. The link in the post points to the internal pages. Try this one:

Catchy moniker.
Hey, thanks man. That information (for retirees) is only 2 months old. I'm not used to being that up-to-date. Can't handle the fast lane no more.

Is that bridge really for sale?
You bet. Special discount available to LANL employees.

Double discount for LANL retirees.

Always looking for discounts, you know. These pensions ain't as rock solid as they were cracked up to be.

How is it out there in golden land? Should I keep my nose to the grindstone or go for broke, as it were?
That's a tough one, man. It beats working for a living, but you gotta be prepared, you know. I'd say if you still enjoy what you're doing, and if the clown don't get you down, stick with it (because the country really depends on you). Otherwise, as long as you've got a plan for when the fit hits the shan, come on down.
Can I get a clue about "preparation?"
It ain't H, man. If you gotta ask, you better stay where you are and take one for the country.

You have got stop dissin' Micheline Devaurs. She is the Associate Deputy Director for National Security. The following gives you some idea of how important that job is.

DDNS Roles and Responsibilities
The Deputy Director for National Security (DDNS) oversees, on behalf of the Director, the development and implementation of strategic direction for the Laboratory’s national security programs, including the Nuclear Weapons Program, Threat Reduction Program, Center for Homeland Security (CHS) activities, and other activities supporting the Los Alamos national security mission...

Why she was not chosen to replace Immele [after he handpicked] her is another one of those things that is just beyond me.
Micheline baiting:

1. Ask her a technical question.
2. Wait for the deer-in-the-headlights impression.
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