Saturday, February 11, 2006

The California Privacy Act

The California Privacy Act protects all of our records. The LANS cannot obtain our home mailing addresses to send us our offer letters. All of our records are off limits, including our personnel records, which may include disciplinary actions, etc. For the attorneys out there reading this blog - does this mean that if the LANS is having discussions with our current management regarding our individual performance, does this mean that our privacy rights may have been violated? We are hearing that we will receive an offer letter but that we may not have our current position. It makes sense that the only reason that we may not receive an offer for our current position is that we have been blackballed (unless perhaps we have such a unique job that LANS has such an incredible, top of the line replacement candidate, such as the HR rep for the cafeteria, for example).
If we have been advised or are aware that our performance and/or placement in the new corporation is being discussed with the LANS team, what should we do?

I will bet that everyone one of your records have been accessed to find out what type of employee you are, what your ranking is, and the decision on who they want to keep and who they want to get rid of; all of which will be based on those documents. You must remember that the private sector only wants the best. I would not bet on the fact that everyone of you will be retained, and for sure not at your current jobs or salary. The private sector seems to weed out the perceived trouble makers rather quick and keep the best on at the cheapest rate they can. I also suspect that middle management will be the first to get gutted, then will come the high end of upper level managers, since they do the least and get the paid the most. I can imagine the private sector having so many layers of useless people in the food chain. For sure there will be change. Stand by and hold on.
LANS is in New Mexico.
Yeah and what does that have to do with anything? Does that mean because you live in NM you all of a sudden have the right to work even though you may not be qualified or are what the employers wants? Yeah you might have the right to work but it could be at $6.50 an hour. Believe me they have it all planed out just as they do for LLNL too.

You need to stop, gasp for air a couple of times, and then wipe the spittle off of your chin. If you had any Valium lying around the house I'd recommend one of those as well, taken with a nice glass of your California Chardoney.

You are right. It's probably not worth worrying about.It is what it is.. I am so glad that it is all over for me. Now it is time to find a new career elsewhere doing something entirely different where I have control over my destiny and salary with no ranking, Wheee !!!!

I am chilling the wine and it's going to be good.
Ok here is the standard answers for why you may not get your position back:

1) Due to the privacy rules, if you do not sign a waiver so they can view your old records,you will be hired in as a starting employee.

2) Your position will not exist anymore because LANS-LANL structure is completely different than UC-LANL structure. This is evident in the fact that most of CCN (1-5,7) are being moved under the CFO's office as a business unit versus a weapon programs unit. The same is going on with SRD and things like DX (which I think is under weaposn). They are being re-organized with the possibility that there will be no T division as it was before.

So you will be hired back in, but you will not be working with the same group as before. You will be in a temporary group/unit with new management that within 1.5 years will probably be re-organized into a more 'final' form as the new top level management figures out who works well and who doesnt.
More important than "who works well" might be "who plays well with others."
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