Sunday, February 12, 2006

Anyone hear the real story?

Please post Anonymously:

The Transition and LANS sites have also been silent
about the fate of the ~3500 LANL employees who
work for Butler, Comforce, Weirich, and the Plus Group.
The only word so far is that they will let us know
by the time the contract expires on 1 June.
Anyone hear the real story?

Oh? Gee whiz what happened to the Lab's highly touted CONVERSION program? They ran several articles with lots of numbers (which always shifted around) to trumpet their wonderful work in converting long-time contractors.... Looks like LANS will also practice CO-EMPLOYMENT....
There are now around 800 employees of those 4 companies and the LANL transition site did respond to this question directly.
KSL is already preparing for the worst. Has been laying off dozens since December, without notice. Unfortunate bad timing, hiring freeze at Lab leaves most out of work or being forced to move. To bad the thier former General Manager is still working for them, recently demoted to Deputy, however still getting his fat salary. Seems the bigs guys caused the problem and are still working. While "Trimming the fat budget" is cutting the little guys. Shame on KSL.
In response to re-tired: In my understanding
the transition site and the LANS sites
essentially say that these four contracts
expire on 31 May and the LANS will reassess
the need for staff augmentation after 1 June. They do claim that the plans will
be announced before 31 May - the question
is how long before? One day?
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