Monday, February 13, 2006

Address where you can get answers...

Submited by Anonymous:

Here is an answer I got from the LANS suggestion site . I guess it was supposed to go to Rachel but it came to me. Anyway I thought you might like to post the address where you can get answers or give them hell what ever comes first.


From: LANS Suggestions <>

Hi Rachel,

Appreciate your question and concern expressed. The LANS Q&A web site
did not go live until 1/31/06. Can you tell me where you submitted your
question - was it through the UC-LANL FAQs web site perhaps? I will be
glad to follow up if you will provide me with more specifies. We have
had other employees think they were contacting us and it turned out that
they submitted a question through the LANL FAQs web page.

Please send me your question and I will follow-up for you.


Lori Greening
LANS Transition
HR Communications


Feb. 7, 2006

Transition Q&A

Why is the transition Web site so slow in answering our questions? It
hasn't been updated since Jan. 12. A month is a long time to go between
updates. I would submit this question to the Q&A site, but obviously I
am concerned that I will never get a reply.

It would be a nice gesture to try and answer at least some questions
every week at the very least. To have this Web presence but not offer
regular updates sends a message that Los Alamos National Security, LLC,
doesn't care about us. I think answering questions is a pretty easy way
to show that you do care about our concerns. When you go for a month
between answers it doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling that you guys
really have your act together. I can forgive you for not having an RSS
feed or a blog, but to start this Q&A and then just drop it like
yesterday's news is just a bad move.

--Rachel Richard

I'm not sure it applies in this instance, but I have encountered on a number of occasions sites that made their appearance on the web before they went "live" whatever that means. My guess is that the web admins foist their wares on their unsuspecting audience, expecting the initial users to help them debug the system. The more responsible procedure, of course, would be to debug their system off-line.
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