Sunday, January 22, 2006

WGI expands jobs in nuclear facilities

Contract at Los Alamos laboratory will help company compete in future bidding

Melissa McGrath

Washington Group International's success last month in winning a multimillion dollar contract to manage the Los Alamos National Laboratory means the Boise-based global engineering and construction firm is now working in nearly all major nuclear facilities in the United States.

Although the Department of Energy does not keep track of where WGI ranks in comparison to other contractors, the Los Alamos contract solidifies Washington Group's claim as one of the largest and most experienced leaders in the delicate business of handling hazardous materials.


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Well we have a job for them at LLNL. The first thing that needs to be moved to LANL is the Pu facility where its contents is going to be needed. That wonderful piece of work has caused more secuity issues at LLNL then it is worth, since 911. It was one of the major players in having nine facilities to loose their operating funds which at this time has lead to some down sizing and what they call putting people on the EBA ( Employees Between Assignment )list. So as you guys can see the mission of having a smaller task force has already stated. Remember LLNL just went up for bid on Firday the 13th. Witnesssing this happen and then reading the most recent article on this web site, it's all becoming so very clear.

Hang on to your sock, it all going to be good.
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