Friday, January 06, 2006

We have an extremely interested visitor

Starting at 11:04 yesterday morning, I noticed what appears to be an extremely interested visitor to this blog. As of this afternoon, they have made 475 visits. Why, do you suppose, is the Federal Judiciary suddenly so interested in what is going on here? It looks as if a bot has been set up to check in on us every three minutes.

Here are the last few log entries for that host:

igor:[/var/log/httpd]# tail -200 id_time.log | grep - - [06/Jan/2006:13:01:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:04:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:07:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:10:04 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:13:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:16:04 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:19:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:22:04 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:25:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:28:04 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:31:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:34:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:37:04 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:40:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:43:04 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:46:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:49:04 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:52:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:55:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:13:58:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:14:01:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:14:04:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:14:07:04 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:14:10:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:14:13:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:14:16:04 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:14:19:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:14:22:04 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:14:25:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:14:28:04 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:14:31:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:14:34:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:14:37:03 -0700] - - [06/Jan/2006:14:40:03 -0700]


I would bet that the feds are looking to see who is posting, what they have to say and examining if the content of this blog contains any legal ground to shut it down in order to make sure "the people" never hear about what is really going on, or understand where their tax dollars are being spent.

If people are smart they will just keep posting and saying what they want. If they stop then the feds will know that a simple visit to the blog is enough to scare you off. I hope that isn't true.

Now is the time to unload and call a spade a spade, as long as you are right. If there is something you feel needs to be looked into, now is the time to bring it up. If you think you are getting the short end of the stick,like having your pension taken away; now is the time to say so.

You have all the right in the world to express your opinion as long as it says, "in your opinion". If you happen to hit a sore spot, then so be it.

Enjoy and write away. Yes to the patriot act II.
You say, "time to unload and call a spade a spade."
I would say, call a "Spode" a spade. (Roderick, my owner, that is. -Blackguard, though he is.)
-Heh, heh.
Now lets get back to business and voice your opinion on the retirement package and benefits. The rest is irrelevant and out of your control. All that should matter to the employees of LANL and LLNL is their future. The question are:

What you are going to do ?
Are you eligible to retire?
If I stay what's in it for me?
Is it worth it ?
Do I have a choice?
Will I like my job after the dust settles?

Since the UC just dumped our butts in order to save their retirement fund, is what they have to offer going to serve its purpose or are you going to have to work until the day you die; and like it. That's a wonderful though, isn't it ? SOSDD for eternity. The way of new corporate America. I think they called that in the old days, slave labor.

I know you hate LANL and UC and DOE and NNSA and probably even the FBI and CNN, but do try not to be an idiot. UC didn't dump us to save their pension plan; they dumped us because that was a requirement of the contract proposal they were (in part) bidding on.
Needless to say "you"are the idiot. You missed the boat entirely. They dumped you ass regardless of the reason and to me this is a criminal to say the least. It is my hopes that a group of lawyers get together and bring on the largest law suite that any one in this nation has ever seen. They need to sue any company that offered a pension and then pulls it from their employees just in time before they retire. Now if that is okay with you, then you sir are the biggest IDIOT I have ever come across in my life and I hope you personally get a big boner right where it hurt. You and anyone who view this differently are fools to say the least. So enjoy getting what you deserve.

The requirement should have been as such. All current UC employees will be grand fathered in, while any new hire after June 1st of 2006 for LANL, and Sept 1st for LLNL will fall under the new contractor BS "no pension plan" at all good deal.

Now how hard would that have been? Do you really think for one minute that the UC had you welfare in mind. Do you really think that they missed this minor detail without thought? The answer is hell no and they have just demonstrated how calus they are.

So there bubba is the story in the nut shell. You and 32,000 other employees just got the whinier and you are to stupid to realize it.So you go ahead and keep taking it like a man and may all of the others who can't think beyond their nose or are lacking a spinal cord get what you deserve.

This contract was very well thought out and I must commend those who authored it. They slipped it to everyone just as the private sector is the general population of America. Maybe when you get old you'll realize just how well they screwed you.

Al you can hope for now is that the presentation you get in March will in fact grandfather you in, but I sin
There are several possibilities here:

1) A former LANL employee now works at the US Court system and used one of those 'nifty' windows programs that keeps checks on when the new updates occur.

2) Some sort of court investigation against the blog, the lab, etc is being researched.

God I wish blogs were like NNTP. A kill file for a lot of posters would be so nice
Is this so that you could be judge, jury and executioner, therefore not having to hear what other people have to say who don't agree or think like you?

That's exactly why blogs like that are useless, kind of like NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN the New York Time,or the San Francisco Chronicle.I think Russia called that the Provada.

Fox news is where its at and even that is to liberal sometimes for me.
b-ohica: Grandfathering in was specifically prohibited in the RFP. It might well be that UC/Bechtel could grandfather folks in, but this would have to be a granted exception to the terms of the RFP. Only time will tell if it can or will come about.
Well, if grandfathering in was specifically prohibited in the RFP then the party is over for all UC employees at both labs. I think its to late to hope for better but if you want answers then how about asking them here, including Mikes new salary.

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