Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Update on the port scan of my web server by the Federal Judiciary


I received a phone message today from the IT person at the US Federal Judiciary with whom I had spoken regarding the port scan of my web server by a machine on January 13. I did not fully understand the explanation, which was:

"The port scan on your web server accidentally occurred when a dsl line was being debugged. The persons conducting the port scan accidentally targeted your IP address instead of the intended target, which had an IP address identical to yours, except for one digit."

I do not fully understand this explanation, and will be requesting additional information tomorrow.


Not sure you need to do a port scan to debug a DSL line.
In the 'old' days at UC Berzerkely (that is, the "good" ol' Vietnam War days), we used to answer the phone by saying, "F*ck you, J. Edgar Hoover!"

-All together now: "F*ck you, Bertie Gonzales!"
One more update:

I received the following from the US Judiciary IT person who was investigating this incident in response to my request for more information. Although I have never heard of using a port scan to debug a dsl line, it sounds like this is what actually occurred.




A court acquired a DSL line from Gallup with a static address of They were having problems with the line and performed a scan on the address, but accidentally scanned the address, which is your address, instead of which is their address.

Additional information:

Our Intrusion Detection System detected the scan and the responsible court was immediately contacted. At 12:34 eastern time (10:34) mountain time, the court responded that they scanned the wrong TCP/IP address and they correct the typo.

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