Wednesday, January 18, 2006

UC committee votes to separate Los Alamos lab pension plan

Associated Press

A University of California Board of Regents committee voted Wednesday to separate a pension fund covering Los Alamos National Laboratory employees from the university's overall retirement fund.

The change now goes to the full Board of Regents for a vote Thursday in San Diego, UC spokesman Chris Harrington said.

The move has outraged employees at the nuclear weapons lab who have been concerned about their benefits during a competition to manage the lab that began in 2003. Los Alamos National Security - a team headed by UC and Bechtel Corp. - was picked to manage the lab last month. Its contract starts June 1.

"People are just livid at this point," said Charles Mansfield, president of the Laboratory Retiree Group, Inc., after Wednesday's vote. The group represents about 750 households.

"It's unconscionable because the retirees were promised that we would be a part of the University of California retirement plan," he said. "This leaves us in a very tenuous situation."


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Motto of the staff at Los Alamos National Laboratory: "We are all in this...alone."
(Welcome, colleagues at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.)
Once again, we see the consequences of a VERY BAD IDEA--the privatization of LANL.
Has the time yet come for collective action?

Okay people. Are you just going to bend over and let them shove this where the sun doesn't shine or are you going to stand up for what is "YOUR". It is not theirs. It is time for those in power to get in gear and notify everyone. I can not think of anyone that is more of a scumbucket. They are in your face.

The post that means the most is below.
After the way in which UC has pulled off this slimy little scheme,
does ANYONE at LANL have any further trust in UC's "promises"?
I know I don't!

This is a very bad omen for the way in which the UC LANS LLC apparently
plans on running LANL. Keep the employees in the dark, and do whatever
you want to them. I can now only wonder in horror what the words
"substantially equivalent" really mean.
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