Friday, January 27, 2006

This popped up today on the UC Bencom site.

From Anonymous:

The trend-line on that UC posted chart looks very ominous! It's shows
a long-lasting, perfect, straight line that is sloping DOWNWARD. If
for no other reason, this is why you want to be a member of the huge
UCRS pool of retirees. In five to ten years, both UCOP and DOE will
be looking to reduce pension benefits. When that time comes, those
in a small and insignificant pension pool will have no political voice
to stop the reductions. Only a fool would believe either UCOP or DOE
when they say "trust us".
Yeah and would you like to bet that the current reported windfall was because they spend our retirement to fund the two year endeavor for the establishment of the LANSLLC, the perks and salaries of those whom they put in charge? Maybe with pressure from the IRS that windfall could somehow be found and put back where it came from? Look at the reported windfall verses the expenditures and make your own conclusions. Just a thought from one who is cynical.
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