Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Retire (in disgust) with lump sum benefits option.

From Anonymous:

Anonymous post please.

Regarding the apparent planned pension changes by UC:

State your intention to retire (in disgust) with lump sum benefits option.
Action to be taken because UC has made it clear that/LLC/DOE/UC can't be
trusted. Result will be decimation of the senior talent at the weapons complex,
with consequent effects on national security. All UC's doing.

Email everyone with a stake:

Even if UC action was taken, it can always be "reconsidered".

So the question is:

How many people are going to pull the plug and call it good?

Is it to late for a lump sum?

What about medical coverage?

Did the light bulb come on yet?
Opps forgot the most important question:

Do you really want to work for bunch of back stabbers and will your attitude and willingness to excel still be the same?

Thanks Mike and your cronies, you got yours at the price of all others. You've done us all a favor. free at last, free at last.
No-one knows how many LANL (and LLNL etc.) will retire (in disgust) in this manner. Probably not even yourself at this point. But if it's clear that enough people are considering this option, then maybe the potential effect on national security by UC's (probably illegal) action will
cause it to be "reconsidered", or else lead to some other kind of fix. And by all means: sue the bastards too.
Well, my wife and I have decided to get the lump sum buyout ASAP before LANS puts Ken Lay in charge of the retirement fund! I am calling HR tomorrow. I had hoped for a long future at LANL, but feel really disappointed in the latest developments.

53.5 with 27 years of service
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