Monday, January 02, 2006

Please don't shut down this website

Doug. I think this website has been an invaluable
resource for discussion of issues at LANL. And there
will be plenty of issues to discuss in an open forum
in the future. Please don't shut down this website. If
you don't want to adminstrate it any longer, perhaps
it could be handed off to a group of LANL employees?

I have a web site that will not shut down and that could be used for your purposes. I welcome input and help from others, whether they are LANL employees, former employees, or others.

Hi, Anders.

Thanks for your comment, but this site will shut down on July 1. If someone else wishes to continue to run a LANL blog, I will be happy to help them set a new one up, and I will include a redirect link from this blog to the new one, if that turns out to be the case.

I've put too much of myself into this one however, to be willing to just turn it over to someone else to manage and trust them to do an acceptable job.

I will, quite frankly, be surprised if anybody actually steps up to the plate and accepts the responsibility of managing a blog like this one. The rewards are few, and the abuses (mostly from anonymous cowards, admittedly) are many. Additionally, in the past year of running this one I have yet to encounter anybody, with the possible exception of Brad, who has both the skills and the commitment to keep a forum like this one managed and on track. I would not wish this largely thankless job on Brad.



1/02/2006 12:11:48 PM
Doug, after you shut down the blog, what will happen to all the archived messages sent to the blog in the last year?


I plan on leaving the blog in-place for some period of time, length TBD. No new postings will be made. After an appropriate grieving/celebration period I will turn off the ability to add new comments.

Doug, Once you shut the bolg down please make sure that any entry, identification or user name since this blogs conception is to be destroyed and not to ever be found. Let the new person and those who wish to participate continue with their new world order at LANL. I am sure it will be interesting to watch the whining of those who chose to stay.
b-ohica, don't worry, your identity has already been blown. You don't need to be a scientist (CSI) to recognize visceral hatred patterns, and JC Mechels is at the top of this list. Try spending the final few years of your grinch-like life taking up a hobby that doesn't include trying to spoil people's lives. You might actually die a happy man!
Gee "Mr. Infallable" you are blew. Wrong answer. Enjoy the hunt.
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