Tuesday, January 24, 2006

One of those interesting coincidences?

The picture shows what remains of the equipment, material, documentation, furniture, etc. that Lockheed Martin had prepared and purchased in anticipation of winning the LANL contract. It had been packed up and placed into temporary storage at a moving company's facility in Albuquerque. Much of it, such as new high-end printers, computer servers, etc. was still palettized and shrink-wrapped. Last Sunday evening it mysteriously burst into flames. Preliminary investigation appears to show less material remaining than what had been in storage. Interesting.


Well if I were wanting to get a hold of a bunch of stuff to sell for drugs etc.. that would have been a prime target. Setting things on fire afterwords seems to be the standard modus operandi for a lot of gangs in this state.
Drugs and gangs in NM? Really, in the Land of Enchantment?
Could "enchantment" be obtained by the use of "drugs"? -Nah.

As to "gangs" pulling off an anti-LM caper, followed by arson, I have my doubts. This looks like bigger fish for our fearless FBI to fry.
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