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New lab leaders begin transition

By ANDY LENDERMAN | The New Mexican
January 7, 2006

The next leader of Los Alamos National Laboratory and his deputy have arrived in Los Alamos and are preparing to take over management of the lab.

Michael Anastasio, the incoming lab director, and his deputy, John Mitchell, arrived in Los Alamos this week with a transition team of 24 people, spokeswoman Sue Kuntz said.

Anastasio heads Los Alamos National Security LLC, the new private company that will take over management of the historic lab June 1. The University of California will continue to manage the lab by itself until then.


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Is there anyone reading this blog who is not totally disgusted by Anastasio's salary? Yes, I know CEO's are paid tremendous amounts of money, and Anastasio's job is similar to a CEO's. But really, $1.3 million annually is about $3600/day. Too many teachers, policemen, and fireman don't make $3600/month. How can one guy be worth the equivalent of 360 teachers, fireman, and policeman?

I repeat - this salary is disgusting. And it will be even more disgusting if the retirees' health care is gutted to pay the new director $1.3 million annually.

Just wait until you see the salary increase of the ones he is bringing with him from LLNL. That would be Wayne Shotts, Bret Knapp, Charlie McMillan and one other whose name I can not think of right now. Here is the latest and greatest from this years salary sheet.

Lets play a game. Match the salary to their name:

$19,483.33 mo

$18,075.00 mo

$25,916.66 mo

$30,808.33 mo

Would you like to bet that their pay goes up by a factor of four in June? I don't think anyone is worth this much money.

BTW: LANL and LLNL salary's are public information and the list can be bought at the HR department of either lab. So if you want LLNL's list just write and be willing to pay shipping. Just ask and you shall receive.

What's really sad is that their salaries and perks will never be known again since they now are not UC but boys of the LLC.

As I said before in one of my other post. All UC employees should have been grand fathered in, so that we could have maintained and able to contribute to our UC retirement and 403b; but the UC wanted you off their plan and they got what they wanted.

Yes Travis, we are going to pay for their "security" and future retirements, while we wonder what's going to happen to us when we get old. Isn't it wonderful.
The rumor of a salary of 1.3 million was started by B-ohica. This was immediately picked up as fact on the Blog (part of the anti-LANS propaganda). Do you really believe that B-ohica has any idea what Anastasio's salary is? B-ohica is a disgruntled LLNL employee that believes nuclear weapons can be maintained with a "good maintance program", and nothing else. The things he writes are largely wrong, and no one pays attention. However, he writes that Anastasio's salary is 1.3 million, and everyone believes it?

I sincerely doubt that Anastasio is making the much (could be, but I really doubt anyone knows). Over and over the Blog has published his salary as 1.3 mil -----ANY based on a B-ohica comment.
W76, please try to get your facts straight before posting here.

Mike Anastasio's salary is $1.3 million. It is a matter of public record.

What public record? It is not part of the post contract, nor is part of any press release from UC or LANS. Where is it Doug?
One more over educated bozo with his head where the sun doesn't shine. Poor fool. Dedecated to the cause and to stupid to see further then the tip of his nose. Sheep are wonder people.
YEP -- it says
"Regents also agreed Thursday to pay Lawrence Livermore Lab Director Michael Anastasio $100,000 a year above his current $357,500 salary if he leads the UC-Bechtel team to win the Los Alamos contract and becomes director of Los Alamos."

WHERE is the 1.3 million? Doug, despite your hostile tone towards my comments, I am not an idiot. I have search for the Anastasio salary, and no where is the 1.3 million appear except on the Blog.
You're right, w76, I thought I had a link to a story which identified that figure, but I don't. I have been told that his salary will be $1.3 million by people close to the bid teams, but I can't point to a news story that contains that info.

Well I get $369,699.96 a year plus $100K from this. For a grand total of $469,699.96.

That $1.3M happened to come from someone at LLNL who works with him. So I'd say that as close as you are going to get to the turth. Do you really think its going to remain a secret for long?

Anyway who cares, that's not my concern. I am concerned about retirement and medical benefit. The rest is BS and just a job.
Oh I forgot. If salaries chap your ass then maybe Howard Stern will cause you to have a heart attack on the spot. How about $500M plus $230M in stock. If only I knew that being a scum-bucket was worth so much. Now you talk about an injustice. Just my opinion.

But lets get back to our future at hand where benefits is the key.
Have you guys read this yet?
Personally, I've always thought the Directors were underpaid considering the amount of responsibility they had for managing LANL and comparing similar positions to those in private industry. So no, Anastasio's salary does not bother me.
Actually I don't really care if he gets paid 1.3 million IF and ONLY IF he can pull a miracle out his/staff's ass. LANL really needs several things to keep it from becoming a doomed lab.

1) A mission of what the LAB as a whole does. A clear and published plan that people can either sign onto, or leave the lab because they realize it isnt the place they want.

2) A plan on how they are going to restore the nations confidence in the Lab. The "big lie" has been told so long that pretty much everyone thinks that disk drives are behind every copier (the joke I heard way before the shutdown adnaseum). Heck get PR focused on what to sell (from step 1) and have them push convincingly that LANL is worth funding. [And just saying "there are no problems" even if true will sell to a sceptical audience.]

3) How to renew the staff and knowledge of the lab. With the fact that 70% of the lab can/will retire in the next 15 years.. it is now the time to recruit new people who will take on the defined mission from part 1) and learn from the elders.

NNSA Labs primary mission is to design, maintain, search for, secure, and destroy WMD.
It is discouraging to see how much hearsay is propagated on the blog these days, particularly by b-ohica who seems to want to through his nonsense into every discussion. Does he know that UC wants/wanted LANL off their retirement program?
Does he know the actual details of the retirement benefits plans of LANS as approved by DOE? What hard evidence does he have?
Not only do they want LANL off the retirement plan but LLNL too, so there.

Did you see anything in the presentation about being grand fathered into the UC retirement plan? NO. All you saw were three option of which one was only appealing and that was "retire" if you are age 50; or become an employee of the so called "new corporation". Good deal hah?

And what do you know Dave. NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING. You are a retired old goat. Stay out of LLNL and LANL business and go watch the stars with your astrophysics degree. You got yours retirement, so go make good use of it elsewhere.

It is time for 50% of the people from both labs to retire NOW, not hire new people. What a joke. Why hire new people, so that DOE can take advantage of them too. I would say that anyone after June of 2006 would be an absolute fool for going to work for either lab unless they were to get a pension plan equal to UCs and medical coverage. As I said before. There is nothing else to work for. Having a job from day to day to gain nothing in the end is BS to the max.

This blog is very addicting for me. As a matter of a fact I have a hard time not checking in a few times an hour to see who is going to post the next most ridiculous statement or "working for the cause" rhetoric. I am convince that the people of LLNL and LANL have little concern with their retirement and benefits, but only care if they have a job tomorrow. They surly are not willing to make a statement in fear that they may get canned. It is no wonder that big brother pushing them around link cattle being lead to slaughter. Its as if they have all been neutered.

The employees of both labs affect my welfare, and I find their lack of intestinal fortitude appalling to the point where I am embarrassed to be part of the team. I guess that is the difference between being associate with the military for ten years as Vietnam vet and then having to come to work for a bunch of college deferments. Their true colors are showing very
Anastasio's so called "$1.3 million salary" seems to suddenly emerge out
of thin air in a "B-ohica" post on 12/12. Then, on 12/22, unfortunately,
Doug ran an article on the front page of the blog entitled "The $1.3
Million Dollar Man" that referred to a SF New Mexican article discussing
Anastasio. I think it was the title of that front page blog post
that did it. Many people simply assumed that the New Mexican article
must have mentioned a $1.3 million salary. It does not!

Funny how "facts" can sometimes appear out of thin air. Even I thought
this was a legitimate figure coming from news sources. It appears that
our paragon of clear thinking, Mr. "B-ohica", has put one over on us.

Doug, I think you are giving this guy way too much band-width. It's
also clear, from his own words, that he appears to have a bad internet
addiction. Do him a big favor. Help him with his mental health
problems by banning him from further posts. It will do him good.
b-ohica's babbling is sad. He needs some kind of help.
Gee does the truth hurt that bad? Truthfully what happens to either lab is not important to me at all. I am only concerned with one thing. Pension and benefits, as should all of you, but as I can see you are only worried about having a job come sunrise tomorrow so enjoy the hurt.

Doug and many other people who read what you guys write have probably come to the very same conclusion every time you open you mouths and say something stupid like, "you should be working for the cause even if they don't offer a pension plan or benefits" of any type. Or its Ok if they dumped me from the UC pension plan. I love my job. How big of a fool do you think people are. Oh, I'll take that back. I am conversing with just a few thousand this very minute. Sorry. Enjoy your hurt !!

See yah in March when the final presentation comes out. Hopefully we will all be grand fathered into the UC retirement plan but I am not going to be holding my breath and you shouldn't neither. Can you say, "yes to retirement and pull the plug shortly after the announcement"?
I'm still looking for truth in b-ohica's comments. He clearly also doesn't seem to understand where others are coming from and why they might have less selfish views of the world. It isn't clear to me that he understands the importance of the work done at the Labs, either. He clearly needs help. He states categorically what the retirement benefits are and then states that he can't wait to find out what the benefits actually are. He doesn't find himself limited by truth in any way. It is discouraging to see his mindless rants in the blog which are obscuring a rational discussion of the real issues.
Get it right b-ohica, and go get treatment for whatever affliction you may be battling.

I can't believe I'm about to defend UC, but there is far too much erroneous info/belief floating in this ether.

There can be no option wherein employees are "grandfathered" into UCRP. UC has/had nothing to do with this fact.

The federal government wrote requirements into the bid process that require a separate plan for all LANL employees. There is no evidence that suggests that UC had anything to do with setting these requirements. Indeed, if UC had been involved, then the feds better buckle down for a long and expensive lawsuit from the Lockheed team.

The only way to keep your UCRP pension/benefits is to (a) retire, or (b) go to an "inactive" status. Those exercising option (b) may still be employees, but will be operating under a different system once the transition is complete.

Gruntled guy - you basically got the mission statement correct. Now lets see what LANS has to say...
The only way to keep your UCRP pension/benefits is to (a) retire, or (b) go to an "inactive" status. Those exercising option (b) may still be employees, but will be operating under a different system once the transition is complete.

Meaning that if funding goes away so do you. There will no more EBA's. I think they call that a pink slip. But that's the way it goes. There is also an option in their where as if you choose it you are not guaranteed a job at all. Only if the contractor wants you.

As far as your so called affliction. I don't have any except when I am getting the shaft- as "normal people" do, but then again we are talking about lab people here who most never held a job outside the walls of the facility.

The bottomline again is, your UC retiemrnt is gone and you have to start all over again unless you retire.
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