Friday, January 20, 2006

LANS news

From Anonymous:

such pretty faces:

William Perry?

So much for the pretty faces, now lets get back to what is most important. Not a single project, mission or goal will take precedence over this. All work should come to a halt until our retirement package is resolved, to our satisfaction. Please, as soon as this information is available send it to all LLNL employees so that they can examine their future. If the LANSLLC gets to be a smart ass buy blocking us from being able to ask questions and to get answers, someone from LANL on this blog please copy and paste them into the question and answer forum for us. Then when the answer comes back, please post the answer to the question onto the blog. As it stands now we have a lot of very interested personnel at LLNL, but those who developed the question and answer web page have locked us out. Go figure. They didn't even want us to know about their sneaky little back door ploy and we would have not known if it wasn't for Doug blog. Thank you Doug and Brad.

Transition Schedule

The LANS team is finalizing a more detailed transition plan for the DOE which outlines activities that must be completed so that LANS can assume management of the lab on June 1. LANS also is refining a new benefits and pension package, which DOE and LANS will discuss with employees in mid-February. Employees will have about 10 days in which to comment on any parts of the plan they believe do not meet the DOE requirement of being “substantially equivalent” to the current benefits plan. DOE will consider those comments when the agency reviews the benefits plan.

“Our goal is to present employees with written employment offers and a DOE-approved benefits plan by mid-March. This timing fulfills the Secretary of Energy’s promise of a 60-day period for employees to review their offers and the proposed benefit plan,” Anastasio said.
Nick Salazar??? What a joke! For years he has advanced LANL's interests by inserting himself on "Oversight" committees and such, while being very coy about his status as a paid consultant to LANL. To understand Nick's behavior one simply has to look to who pays him. Not pretty!!

Hopefully, in his new role he will at least resign his LANL consultancy? Nick sitting on the Board with William Perry? What a laugh! A reward to LANL's loyal servant. Look for more bills, introduced by Nick, in the NM Legislature praising LANL; and more perks for Nick. A poster child for corruption.
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