Friday, January 27, 2006

LANL security taped calls

ROGER SNODGRASS,, Monitor Assistant Editor

Security guards at Los Alamos National Laboratory inappropriately taped telephone and radio conversations, made transcripts and used records without complying with standard procedures. But LANL says it was only a technical problem.

An inspection report released this morning by the Department of Energy Office of the Inspector General said inappropriate recording extended beyond the force to federal officials, LANL employees and the public at large who unknowingly used the PTLA phone lines.

Breaches of DOE regulations were routine and evidence of infractions went back at least five years, according to the audit.

"Protective force management also recorded telephone conversations involving individuals outside the protective force without their consent, such as other Los Alamos personnel, (DOE) Los Alamos Site Office staff, and individuals outside the Los Alamos complex," the IG reported.


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Welcome to the "new" LANL Public Affairs Office.

"This was a technical glitch, plain and simple," said Jim Fallin, LANL public affairs director.
Baghdad Bob Fallin scores again!

It will be interesting to see if anybody is disciplined for this action.
Not sure what all the excitement is about. All email and voice mail messages are stored (even temporarily) on lab-owned hard drives. It is reasonable to assume that those messages are permanently archived.
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