Monday, January 02, 2006

Invitation from Cheryl Rofer

I received this invitation from Cheryl Rofer to join her on her blog (WhirldView) in a discussion of a letter of hers that was published in the most recent issue of Physics Today. Over there on her own blog Cheryl makes the somewhat puzzling claim that her PT letter was republished whole in LANL, The Real Story. I quote:

"The letter appeared on the Physics Today web site within the last few days and rapidly was copied whole onto the LANL Blog, as is Doug Roberts’s modus operandi. Comments now accrue. Doug e-mailed me to invite me to comment."

As you can see, the article was not "copied whole"; rather, just the first three paragraphs followed by a link to the original for the rest of the article, as is my standard practice.

In her invitation to me (below), she also makes reference to personal attacks, of which I was not aware. Y'all judge for yourselves, but she seems a bit volatile to me. Myself, I will politely decline her invitation, but the rest of you should check it out. My advice, however, is to engage with care.


I have posted a comment on WhirledView, where I invite you and others to a policy discussion. I request that you refrain from the personal attacks that you have already begun in the link you provide.

Doug and Brad - I don't see Rofer's letter as an attack. Her observation is overstated but somewhat accurate. I have observed stretches of the blog where there was little to no discussion of bigger issues. It was mostly lambasting UC and Nanos ad nauseum. I don't agree with her suggestion to 'move' the discussion to her website. The discussion is needed and useful at both sites. Brad's comments make clear he is unhappy with the privatization and sees the overall picture. I think Cheryl might have experienced what I did: initial frustation getting ON the blog. As much as I use a computer I still had trouble initially. Possibly that happened to her. In any event 'the real story' has obviously been a very valuable outlet with a sizable readership. Discussing and debating national and laboratory policies is needed at more sites not fewer.
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