Thursday, January 19, 2006

Betrayed, Again

Thanks, UC. Thanks for nothing. First, 20+ years of neglect. Then Nanos. Then the shutdown. Your treatment of Todd and Sara Kauppila. Now you're dumping us.

Thank you very much.

Move to separate LANL pension fund irks employees

By Heather Clark The Associated Press |
January 19, 2006

ALBUQUERQUE — A University of California Board of Regents committee voted Wednesday to separate a pension fund covering Los Alamos National Laboratory employees from the university’s overall retirement fund.

The change now goes to the full Board of Regents for a vote today in San Diego, UC spokesman Chris Harrington said.

The move has outraged employees at the nuclearweapons lab who have been concerned about their benefits during a competition to manage the lab that began in 2003. Los Alamos National Security — a team headed by UC and Bechtel Corp. — was picked to manage the lab last month. Its contract starts June 1.


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