Friday, January 27, 2006

3:15 pm: Los Alamos security subcontractor improperly recorded phone conversations

By HEATHER CLARK | Associated Press
January 27, 2006

ALBUQUERQUE - A security subcontractor at Los Alamos National Laboratory routinely recorded telephone conversations without the knowledge of either those making or receiving the calls, according to a report released Friday.

The recorded conversations and radio transmissions were between managers at Protection Technologies Los Alamos and the firm's security staff, other lab or Department of Energy employees and people outside the lab, said the DOE Inspector General's report. Protection Technologies provides security for the nuclear weapons lab.

Telephone beep tones _ an acceptable way to alert callers that a conversation is being recorded _ were disabled, the report said.

Lab spokesman Jim Fallin said Friday the beeps were disabled by technicians who were upgrading the recording system. Protection Technologies managers didn't know at the time time that the beeps were missing, Fallin said.


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Fallin's lips are moving...
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