Friday, December 02, 2005

Why aren't we hearing anything about a class action law suit against UC

Submitted by Anonymous:

As we approach the announcement of a new contractor at the Laboratory -- I can't imagine I'm the only one who wonders with the acknowledged mismanagement of the Lab by UC, per DOE's decision to compete. Why aren't we hearing anything about a class action law suit against UC in this regard and the affect of this mismanagement on the loyal workforce? Most attorneys I know suggest calling our last secretary to explain his decision.

Comment from Betty Gunther:

The last I heard the class action suit was in settlement talks. I heard this through rumors from both sides. I have no direct knowledge of these negotiations, if indeed they exist. The people who may or may not be involved are absolutely sworn to silence.
Nevertheless I heard from two managers 1) that the suit had been settled for 12.5 Million. They had heard it from Rich Marquez in some managers' meeting. 2) That Lab Legal was really mad that the word had gotten out. From the non-management side, the rumor ( and it is a rumor, I am not involved) is that the suit was near settlement for a much higher number.
Who do I believe? Well, probably both. Both are probably announcing what they hope is happening. I am not involved in the negotiations in any way. When will we find out? Probably the day before the contract goes to the new manager -- a guess, I have no real knowledge of the situation.
One thing I have not heard is that the suit has been dropped and I probably would know if that had happened.
Betty Ann Gunther
Retired LANL employee
Former UPTE President and Steward
What are the ramifications of such a lawsuit, monetarily or otherwise?
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