Sunday, December 25, 2005

Walkin' Out of LANL while it Stands

From Anonymous:

If it weren’t for Saint Pete,
If it weren’t for Saint Pete,

Walkin’ out of LANL while it Stands*

If it weren’t for Saint Pete,

For the car, and the hard discs,
We've been slammed, by the Congress,
They put us up for bid,
For the things they say we did,
Walkin' out of LANL while it stands.

Most of us, who are vested,
From our hands, pensions wrested,
By the SEB we're screwed,
(Led by Tyler who?),
Walkin' out of LANL while we can.

We had Browne, then the admiral,
With the "buttheads", had his hands full,
Director Bob does what he can,
For the junior Lab's top man,
Walkin' out of LANL while it stands.

They've got plans, and an org chart,
Would be nice, to see our part,
Getting ready for the switch,
Employee's have the itch,
Walkin' out of LANL while we can.

Now they've picked, who will run us,
Hope they're good, on their promise,
Better pull out all your loot,
Before you get the boot,
Walkin' out of LANL while we can.

Get us prepped, for what's coming,
Can't yet tell, who'll be running,
The LLC is here to stay,
Say goodbye to good old days,
Walkin' out of LANL while it stands.

If it weren’t for Saint Pete,

* Sung to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”

Marvelous! The creative spirit shown by many on this blog is the reason that I chose to come here so many years ago. That spirit, along with much of mine, has been wrung out of the LANL staff and we are now in the spin dry phase post annonuncement of the LANS LLC as our new leader.

This is my first and last post to this blog, but the dialog that Doug fostered here has been critical to my decision to leave what was once a magnet of intellectual and creative wonder. I was blessed to have been associated with some of the greatest minds in the world and to have been afforded many opportunities to participate in unique scientific endeavors. I do so miss the halcion days of nuclear weapons tests at the Neveda Test Site!

I will keep tabs on this forum as I make my way into the world off of Pajarito Mesa. I will miss many of the people that have made LANL a mecca for science. I will not miss the leadership that those who choose to stay will be forced to suffer. The Seestroms, Becks, Beasons, Wallaces. Anastacios and Mitchells of the Bechtel/UC world are cruel and heartless on the best of their sef-centered and soon to be very well paid best of days.

Good luck and best wishes to all of you. As has been voiced in many posts prior to this one, if you can leave, do so. The LANL you have known is soon to be no more, so take care of yourself first. I damn sure am!
Very well done. So now what's next?

So what will happen to the blue-collar workers that are the backbone of the facility?

It seems that there were given three options. They can:

·Take an early retirement and learn how to live on ~ 33% of a once good wage adding more people to the poverty list.

·Give their entire lump sum retirement fund to the “new corporation” to do as they wish, in hopes that they do not lose it in the stock market.

·Freeze their retirement thereby losing all medical benefits and start all over again with a new firm, who has the right to put you out to pasture on a moments notice if funding dictates to do so.

In my opinion the workers got the shaft while they watch those who caused the problem in the first place move up and get rewarded for it. It's what we call at the labs the “Peter Principle”. In short it means, "screw up and move up” to the next level of incompetence. It's been a tradition in lab management for decades.

The bottom line is that the UC has found a means to legally cut the throats of 32,000 lab employees in order to assure that their retirement fund was to remain plush for the professors and faculty members, totally disregarding the ones who made it all possible. It seems that they have found a way to avoid all law suites that could possibly come from a RIF ignoring the “first in - last out” rule or one the questioning of the 1-N ranking system. Congratulations UC you’ve successfully pulled it off.

Now it is time to give the UC what you want and for sure what they deserve. It is time the general population at both LLNL and LANL to spend the next 6 -18 months concentrating on “their” future, not the job at hand to make plans for what really counts; their own self-welfare and future. It’s time for as many as possible to pull the plug and let bygones be bygones. Say goodbye to UC and hello to the real work or what ever awaits you.
The clock is now ticking for an appeal to the NNSA decision. Anyone
want to take a bet over whether LM appeals? I suspect they might.
If nothing else, it would at least give them better information over
whether the RFP decision was truly unbiased. LM might feel it worth
the appeal just to be privy to that information. It would also help
them in their analysis of risks-to-rewards for future DOE competitions,
and yet cost them only a modest amount of time and money. They have
only ten days after last Wed's annnouncement to file, so we should
know very soon whether they wish to appeal. The fat lady hasn't left
the stage just yet.
I doubt LM will appeal the decision. From what Linton Brooks was saying last Thursday he seemed pretty sure the decision will not be appealed. However, I still can't believe they will have all this done by June 1st.
Why bother with an appeal. Let it go. The party is over and only the big wigs know whay they have done what they have. I would say to LM to be glad they did not get it and if they ever do try to take over either lab the very first thing to do is to remove "ALL" of management from the director on down and bring in their own crew. That is the only way that things will change. You must cut off the head and then the body is dead. Just a fact of life.
What management thinks of you. To the peom, "Twas the night before Christmas"

A Los Alamos Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the labs came the word from Saint Bodman of the contract we have.

Employees sit quiet watching the boob tube in awl, as he swears with a straight face that no politics was involved.

As he spoke to the people whom DOE just screwed, the director was given a signal, do not snooze.

By noon of the same day Michael announced he was through, then jumped on a plane in route to the new.

As we sat by and wondered why Mike's was in such a hurry, the answer was big bucks that loomed in the flurry.

We hear 1.3 million to be exact, as he licks his lips as if they were chapped.

Now say howdy to Miller, Knapp and Shotts, whose pay most likely will quadruple on the spot.

It not about good science, technical achievements or people, but all about fame that can be achieved by evil.

So say goodbye to your retirement, benefits and dreams, since those whom you once worshiped just brought you to your knees.

Is it time for payback as the deadline draws near, where the masses of intellects leave these facilities in fear.

The answer is yes and let there be no fear, for we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years


Let the contest begin and may all of UC read it.
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