Wednesday, December 28, 2005

UC's Los Alamos win will impact Livermore

The University of California’s securing a new contract to operate the Los Alamos National Laboratory is a major victory for the university, a victory that will have an impact on Lawrence Livermore Natoinal Laboratory as well.

Having both major nuclear weapons laboratories under the operational umbrella of the same university continues a sibling relationship that has existed since the Livermore Lab was launched in 1952. Certainly, through the years, there have been both cooperation and competition between the two labs in a wide range of areas, and the continuing UC operation of Los Alamos and Livermore will provide a basis for continuity in the positive aspects of the sibling relationship.


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This piece points out a very important point; namely that UC's win at LANL is seen as impacting the upcoming LLNL competition.

I suggest that this also limits the "reforms" possible at LANL, in a way that a LM/Sandia win would have avoided. Their is a disincentive for LANS to make major "breakthrough" improvements at LANL, as this would suggest that LLNL would benefit from the same approach. Look for all LANL "reforms" to be evaluated in light of the impact on UC/LLNL.

Reforms will be piecemeal and limited; gradual improvements rather than real reform. UC's past management shown as a great success rather than riddled with problems. In other words, more business as usual.
You had better believe LLNL will be impacted by UC's win. When LLNL's contract goes up for bid, the only competitor will be UC. No other contractor in his right mind would bid after observing how the decision for LANL was pre-ordained to be UC.
The obvious impact is that we have lost our Director, who was doing a pretty good job. Now we get an interim Director, and U.C. will search for a Director to come in about the time needed to start preparing for competition. Now *that* is an incentive to come to LLNL.
So, here's the view from Tracy:

"Now if the Livermore Lab can avoid the kinds of security problems that plagued Los Alamos in recent years, gaining a new contact for the UC system should go a lot easier."

Heh, heh. "Avoid the Plague." As they USED to say in the media, "Good night, and good luck."
So who is running the LLNL The Real Story Blog. I see it on the web but can not get anyone to post a single view point. Now you talk about gutless employees. Maybe there will be headline news in the Tracy Press too. Maybe they just figure since LANL got reamed, they will get the very same thing. This may be absolutely true, so I guess it is time for those folks to starting thinking about their future and move on in Sept of 2007.
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