Wednesday, December 21, 2005

UC gets contract to run Los Alamos Lab

UC gets contract to run Los Alamos Lab

Last Update: 12/21/2005 10:49:48 AM
By: Associated Press

LOS ALAMOS (AP) - A team led by the University of California and Bechtel Corporation was chosen Wednesday to run Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Sources told The Associated Press that the UC team had beaten out the second competitor, a team led by the University of Texas.

It was the first time in the lab’s 63-year history that the contract had been put out to bid.

The University of California has run the lab since the lab was formed in World War II to build an atomic bomb.

It also marks the first time a corporation has helped manage the northern New Mexico nuclear laboratory.

The seven-year management contract is worth up to $79 million a year.

An “all-hands meeting” for workers is scheduled Wednesday afternoon to discuss the announcement.

Energy Department officials decided to put the contract up for bid after a series of safety and security problems at the lab in recent years.

The contract originally was expected to be announced December 1st, but Department of Energy officials asked for more time.

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Well that sucks. Sorry for you people stuck at LANL. I do not expect things to get any better because in many ways it keeps the status quo going:

1) UC is connected to LANL and will be the continual punching bag of back east politicians.

2) Bad managers will remain in positions and they will inter now have a nice big witchhunt for anyone who spoke up for the other side.

3) LANL people and the town will get to suffer more versus less.

I for the first time I left LANL six months ago can say.. I am glad to be gone.
LM/UT must have put in an incredibly poor proposal. With the record of incompetence, there is no way the UC could have won this on a level playing field.

If LM/UT does not sue, then the LANL employees should!
Bummer - From a retirement standpoint its probably better for me to have it be UC - From a workplace perspective I was hoping for LM/UT because I think they are truly the ones that can clean this place up. Looks like it will be the status quo.
I do not think that LM/UT put in a bad proposal.. it was a political choice in the end, with whoever gets the most political kicks in Washington.

I honestly do not think that in the long run (after St Pete retires in 2008) that this was the best for LANL. When that occurs, I am expecting that LANL will soon get the 1% raises a year that the rest of the complex gets, and that they will be faced with the 40% budget cuts that they have been sheltered from.

Well I will try to stay a gruntled person, and wish you all a good New Year.
Everything I have heard from the inside indicates the LM/UT bid was excellent. This is pure politics.
"Sources" told them who won. I see.
Ah, well. I don't doubt it, but watching the announcement at noon will be like watching a replay of the Superbowl when you already know the outcome.

Damn those "sources"!
No F-22A Raptors for the Los Alamos airport.
Hello Bechtel, Goodbye KSL!
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