Thursday, December 08, 2005

Science: Bush Bashes Better

U.S. Nobel winners fret over Bush research policies
STOCKHOLM (AP) — Two American Nobel Prize winners said Thursday they are worried about President Bush's attitude toward science and accused his administration of ignoring important research findings.

By Bertil Ericson, AP

"There is a measure of denial of scientific evidence going on within our administration, and there are many scientists who are not happy about that," said Roy J. Glauber, who shared this year's physics prize with fellow American John L. Hall and Germany's Theodor W. Haensch. Their research on the quantum nature of light has resulted in more precise optical clocks and measuring systems, and is used in today's satellite positioning systems.

Glauber also said some U.S. Congress members are more concerned about the political consequence of research projects than their scientific importance when they decide where to allocate money.

"(The projects) are not evaluated scientifically, they are only evaluated politically," Glauber said, but did not give details on specific projects.


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You mean that Congressmen are more interested in politics than science? Nahh! That couldn't possibly be, could it? Do you know of any technical programs driven by politics rather than pure science?

Where have these guys been?
Have they been living on Mars?
"[President Bush] didn't seek or ask our advice on any issue as far as I can remember," Glauber said."

"Our work is crucial to our survival, and I think the Nobel Prize is a shot in the arm for us," ElBaradei said.

I think I have a nomination for the Ig Nobel Prize for Ego.
IgNoble Prize: For Ego, above and beyond the call of reason--Dick Cheney.
Mr. Congeniality: Don Rumsfeld.
Sorry Brad but I have to disagree. When it comes to world class ego no one beats our own former megalomaniac director. G.P. Nanos.
What the winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize for Literature has to say is even more interesting. Those working for the US military establishment might sometimes wonder why they receive little encouragement domestically or internationally. Harold Pinter issues a scathing criticism and expose of US foreign policy over the past decades. The problem goes way beyond Bush. See his talk at
John Horne was ALMOST right. 2nd place for Ego went to G. Pete Nanos--he didn't even get Mr. Congeniality, did he?
*Sigh* The Nobel Prize isn't quite what it used to be.
Yeah, Crazy Eddie Teller never got it...*Sigh*
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