Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sandia security incident revisited

ROGER SNODGRASS,, Monitor Assistant Editor

In the final lap of competition for the management contract of Los Alamos National Laboratory, a batch of documents has surfaced reviving questions about "alleged security breaches, misconduct and sham discipline involving some 15 Sandia officials," including the former director of Sandia National Laboratories Paul C. Robinson.

The description comes from a letter, dated Dec. 16, 2004, written by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, to Department of Energy Inspector General Gregory H. Friedman. Grassley expressed dissatisfaction with the official's response to a yearlong effort to get to the bottom of misconduct at Sandia National Laboratories, dating back to 2001.

The material emerged Sunday on the web blog, LANL, the Real Story. The blog has been devoted to issues related to past and future management at the laboratory.

An anonymous writer included Grassley's letters to officials of the Department of Energy as reference material to a submission that was critical of Lockheed Martin's management.


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Once more, we see the absolute necessity of this blog. Where else could we have important material revealed to the otherwise somnolent media about the shoddy treatment of our national laboratories at the hands of military-corporate America and the politicians who are its crony servants?

Where is the outrage? (And by this, I mean outrage among scientists at LANL, not to mention nationwide, at a relatively small part of the overall problem that faces our country.) We scientists are being attacked by people who have no clue about science, have no respect for it, not to mention love for it, and whose agenda is, at the very foundation, abhorrent.

What next? Wait for tomorrow, I guess.

-Brad Lee Holian
Considering there's upwards of 70 million dollars in management fees on the table for the LANL bid, it's no wonder the powers-that-be and the Lockheed lobbyists don't want this information in the public. God forbid the truth tarnish the golden reputation of Sandia and Robinson. People will always try to impede investigations that threaten money or their livelihoods - regardless if it's a corporate, government, or university environments. So the job that UC has done has not been perfect and Sandia won't do it quite right either, but at least UC was willing to manage LANL and take the public relations beating that it did for 9 million a year.
Goes to show everyone that there is plenty of dirty laundry to go around. There are plenty of corrupt and crooked people out there. Then they give these guys raises? What a bunch of crap. Thank god for some people in Congress whether we like it or not. Oh, and this is to whoever takes over the lab. If I see anything resembling fraud waste and abuse especially by those in power I WILL use Lab email to report it to the Congress, AG, IG whoever I need to. UC, DOE and NNSA are last on the list. Its amazing that with all these obstacles great science still happens daily.
Why have the Albuquerque Journal and the Santa Fe New Mexican been silent on this?
Maybe SNL doesn't have Bahgdad Bob to help out the press with their stories.
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