Saturday, December 10, 2005

Rumor Fusion

I thought it might be interesting to present a summary of all the rumors that have been sent my way during the past few weeks regarding the contract announcement. In roughly chronological order, here they are:

  1. LM had been awarded the contract.
  2. UC had been awarded the contract.
  3. Representative Hobson had been spotted storming out of of a meeting, furious.
  4. The contract announcement would be delayed.
  5. The contract announcement would be made on December 9.
  6. The contract announcement would be made by December 5.
  7. The contract announcement would be made on December 8.
  8. UC had won the contract, but Representative Hobson (re: the referenced meeting, above) had furiously sent the verdict back to the jury.
  9. NNSA, er, wasn't ready for the contract change over.
  10. LM has won the contract, announcement to come "any day now".

Stay tuned.


I have one more. The UC will keep the contract because NNSA / DOE failed to tell the people that were bidding on the lab that it would cost them $100M to pay administrative fees to transfer all of the property into their name. UC wins, and both labs lose. What a waste of $200M dollars and two years of BS. I wonder how the media will play this up.
On more concern. In my opinion just because NNSA / DOE screwed up on LANL's contract doesn't mean that there did not learn from this typo, nor does it mean that the UC will continue to keep LLNL. I figure after NIF fails they will never get another large project ever again. After all rumor says that Moses is going to retire in 2007 and he won't give a hoot what happens to that project after that date. If anyone has seen the building at LLNL where MFTF was once housed they have a preview of what NIF will look like in 2013 or so. Sold for scrap. I wonder who will buy that big aluminum ball.
Some pretty sloppy comments on this one. First, it is NOT "Senator" Hobson, it is Representative Hobson. As to the rest, some of it sounds close. Hobson has no use for UC/LANL management, so this figure to be fought between him and Domenici, who favors UC. Each of them controls the DOE budget, so the the DOE is probably waiting for the answer. Then the DOE will write the evaluation and announce the "winner". But, the White House could intervene, if the Texans weigh in. A real "shoot out"! All very "non political" of course. If the DOE were left to themselves the LM/Sandia choice is a no brainer. Choosing UC is NOT the path to reform, but more screw ups and cover ups.

As to transferring the property, what property? DOE owns the property at both LANL and LLNL. UC provides the staff to run them, under contract. The new contractor simply replaces UC in staffing the place.
Thank you for the clarification regarding which house Hobson sits in, Lucky. I've repaired the original post to accurately reflect his position. Can't do much about who owns the big aluminum ball, though.
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