Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Request: PREDICTIONS of who will win the LANL competition

Doug, do you mind posting this online?

Attention, LANL Bloggers: I'm a science writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. I'm writing a story for tomorrow's paper, an advance article about the forthcoming LANL decision, due at mid-day Wednesday. For my advance story, I'd like to include PREDICTIONS of who will win the LANL competition -- predictions by present or former Los Alamos staffers (no one else, please!!) who are WILLING TO BE IDENTIFIED BY NAME. Please send your prediction to me at kdavidson@sfchronicle.com. IMPORTANT: Include your full name, your job (present or former) at Los Alamos, the years you worked there, AND (this is important!) your phone number and address for verifying purposes, if necessary. (We won't run the phone number or address -- we only need them for verifying purposes, if necessary.) Please file your prediction by 5 pm California time TUESDAY.
-- Keay Davidson
Science Writer

SF Chronicle

Sorry, Keay. I'm all predicted out.

Merry Christmas,

Not me. I gave him my prediction.

Any predictions when this announcement will appear on the LANL home page? My guess is sometime after lunch...
I agree, after lunch.


I am told that the LANL home page carried the Press Release after about 12:20pm, two hours after it was released.

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