Thursday, December 01, 2005

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WhoseYourDaddy sez:

"Bottom line is taxpayer moneys aren't supposed to just be donated or dolled out for nothing in return."

You mean as was done for months on end during our shutdown? $357 million was doled out, by DOE's reckoning, for nothing in return.
Yeay, Pete! You da man!

Us DOE blokes hardly even noticed that we were getting less than usual for our $$ during those seven months.

I hear that the WFO customers were pissed, though.
doe guy - How much is the country getting from your 3 month shut down, I am sorry, your 3 month "strategic pause?"
Papa P,

You have me confused with the University of California. It was their own George P. Nanos who ordered the shutdown, and it was UC president Bob Dynes who implicitly supported that decision. I say "implicitly", because he never said "boo" about the matter for about 7 months. He just let his director run rampant.

Since you ask, however: What the country got in return was a $357 million bill, paid for the the US taxpayer. For that, the country got bupkis.

You might be interested to know that the University of California continues to pay this famous former lab director $235,000 more dollars per year to remain hidden from sight somewhere in the Pentagon.

More of your tax dollars at work.

However, perhaps you were referring to the next strategic pause for LANL, the one they will be enjoying as a result of the Los Alamos NNSA Area Office not being quite yet ready to handle the contract transition.

In which case, the tax payer can expect the same return on their dollar as they received from the last shutdown, only this time you will be able to credit NNSA for the wastage, instead of UC.

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