Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Posters on the "LANL: The Real Story" blog are disappointed

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I see that many posters on the "LANL: The Real Story" blog are disappointed
that the University of Texas System and Lockheed did not win the contract.

What your readers should know is that UT is no panacea.

Several complaints about its audit director have been received in the past
year - UT
finally released the complaints after a ruling by the Texas Attorney
General's Office.

What UT will still not release is the report detailing unethical and
unlawful acts committed by its audit director -

Why would UT do this? The audit director is the brother-in-law of one of
the UT regents. This is a clear example of UT's commitment to oversight.

If retaliation, corruption, and incompetence are what concerns most of your
readers, LANL may have received much of the same from UT anyway, except with
the added disappointment of "more of the same" with UT and the added element
of by-law nepotism.

Perhaps the devil you know is better than the one you don't (and that is a
sorry choice to face in life), but your readers should not be saddened by
UT's loss.

My hope for your readers that are LANL employees is that the rigor of the
bid process and documented past performance of UC will mean that stronger
attention to compliance and safety will occur.

This poster seems to understand next to nothing about the situation. Those hoping for LM/UT success were relying on the demonstrated management performance of Sandia management, not UT management. UT was in a science support role.
"stronger attention to compliance and safety" ??????????
WTF else are we supposed to do?
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