Monday, December 12, 2005

New tenent this Friday in the Motorola Building

Submitted by Anonymous:

New tenant information -

Lockheed Martin Company (LMCO) has executed a sublease for the Veriscape, Inc. space on the 4th floor, and will be moving into the Research Park ("Motorola Building") on Friday, December 9, 2005.

We welcome LMCO to the Research Park, I know they will enhance the current mix of valued tenant at the Research Park.

Bringing a new tenant into a facility can be a logistical dilemma, and while we are making every effort to keep the inconvenience to a minimum, there will be an amount of activity on Friday. We have reserved the freight elevator for LMCO for a number of hours during the day, and their moving van parked in the loading zone.

Please be patient on Friday; however feel free to call me with any outstanding issues.

Please distribute this information to your staff and co-workers

Thank you all.

Mary-Jo Griffin

What's with this? Does somebody know something that they're not sharing?
The LAA can't manage the transition if they don't have an office set up in the area, now, can they?

Be prepared, hit the ground running. That's the ticket.
They had this set up long ago, in case they won the bid, and decided to go ahead with it since there has been no announcement. This will be their local transition office.
Oh, please! It's the "UCS[BD] Building"...
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