Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New hiring procedures?

From Anonymous:
Please post anonymously.
I was scheduled to interview for a position with LANL but then was told all openings were put on hold and there were new hiring procedures. Does this have to do with the new contract being awarded and what new procedures? Thanks

It probably depends on when you were scheduled to interview, but the contract bid process undoubtedly was a factor. On 9/28/2005 LANL implemented a hiring freeze in an attempt to deal with the uncertainties introduced by the "shifting horizon" that UC was trying to steer by.

The seas are so troubled, says the Cap'n of the good ship USS UC:

"No gale that blew dismayed her crew
Or troubled the Captain's mind.
The man at the wheel was taught to feel
Contempt for the wildest blow-ho-ho...
But it often appeared when the weather had cleared
That he'd been in his bunk below."
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