Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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Well-written, well considered. I like it already.

From the




1) Whoever gets the contract, there will be big changes at LANL. All of the attention LANL has had will highlight areas for change, whether for political or operational reasons.

The new contractor will have wide latitude in making changes. Do not expect a lot of questions to be asked. Expect a Nanos-like attitude restructuring/house-cleaning, though less abrupt. There will be an obligatory restructuring, but there will also be strategic refocus on the LANL approach.

2) The contractor has strong political support. The details of the award have been hashed and ratified to a high degree within Washington. They will have specific direction and will have discussed responsibility and oversight in detail.

3) Most folks (inside and out) will see the change as a defeat of LANL, with a takeover by LLNL management or SNL management. A bitter pill indeed.

4) Do not be surprised if there is not unanimity on the DOE staff. They probably were told to match their answer with a political reality.

5) Expect some appreciation for the LANL managers who have been riding out this difficult storm. If they leave, it will not be with a boot in the rear.

6) Expect more attention to compliance and safety. The new guys will need to prove they are better.

7) The problem with DOE inability to manage their responsibility has NOT escaped high level attention. The fact that the creation of the NNSA with a touch of autonomy (deeply undermined by Bill Richardson under Clinton's specific instruction) is still flawed is likely to lead to another run at improved government management of the US nuclear weapon establishment.

8) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of your friends in Washington!

The Mountain

I would add:
Remember there is the team (the key people named in the proposals) that wins the contract..and the team that does the work. 'Win' team and 'Do" team will be different, especially after a year.
Not sure what you mean, because Los Alamos scientists have no friends in Washington. At least, none who are willing to speak out.
Los Alamos employees and contractors.
The gravy train ends tomorrow.
Welcome to corporate America LANL.
Enjoy the journey of change.
That really, really sounds tough to swallow.
Ah--...will the new contract holder--- come bearing gifts, standards and protocols that would entail the regular use (necessarily or unneccesarily) of polygraphs :)

Or did that scene finally settle down after the Lee fiasco dust abated....

Never mind....

I don't want to know...

Too much fun... key stroke captures, random changing 10 second ID log access network system numbers on computers, video surveillance 24-7.....

Never seems to be enough....in the past at least you could always go off to the Bandolier Mountains and just "forget about it" for awhile.

And I wonder what GRAVY train "USER" seems to think that the scientists esconced away at LANL are on ....

Sorry, I can't help but laugh....LMAO.....

These are government scientists....

They don't make jack....most make under 50 grand a year.

Many MUCH under that, unless they have been employed for many,many years by LANL.

See for yourself, it's public info....

The government doesn't pay squat compared to what one could make in the corporate America.

However, RESEARCH is generally not an option in corporate America.


My brother, a former NSA employee, was tied up in his government contract for years, and when he was finally able to obtain a release, his salary is 8 times what the government was paying him.

Eight times.

Sorry, but I think your views are disabusive and poorly thought out.

But you are more than entitled to feel and think as such.

Government scientists serve their fellow citizens by their choice to conduct research to better lives for others, and to work for less.

Just as our American soldiers serve their fellow citizens by laying their lives on the line so we don't have to.

Be glad that these scientists, and others.... are willing and able to put up with all the BS that goes along with their jobs---the government and others standing over your shoulder and on top of you every time you turn around...

The monitoring and scrutiny....

It's an incredible amount of BS and stress to live your life under a microscope and it is sure as heck not conducive to research or ideal working conditions.
I'm really worried that "more attention to compliance and safety" is really code for "Proposed changes that fail vetting will be strategically reformulated to contain a contrived reference to compliance and safety so the originator can brand critics as 'buttheads'."
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