Thursday, December 29, 2005

Make Mason & Hanger look good

Anonymous submission from "THE DISENCHANTED PANTEXAN"

I have worked at Pantex for almost 20 years and never have I seen such a dismal employee moral as there is a Pantex now that BWXT is there. BWXT is there for the money and anyone who crosses them in hot water ASAP. They don't give a damn about anything but their cost plus award fee. They claim a far superior safety record than the previous contractor, Mason & Hanger, but make no mistake it is through fear and intimidation they run the Pantex Plant. They say they care for their employee but let me give you an example how they do this. Shortly after 9-11 Pantex closed the " West Gate" and everyone entered and exited the plant through the "East Gate". The rate of traffic accidents soared at the intersection of highway 60 & FM 2173.There were two or three serious accidents a month there. You can imagine, 3000 plus people trying to get to work, a two lane farm to market road intersecting with a 4 lane highway with a speed limit of 70 MPH.

And that's not all, one of the most congested rail lines in this part of the country. There are between 150 & 200 trains traveling at 70 MPH
moving through that intersection a day. After a year and a half of this crap and much carping from the workforce it was finally stated to Mike Mallory that their concern for the employees was very hypocritical and a bunch of lip service. They only cared about the employee when an safety event could affect their Cost Plus Award Fee and didn't give a damn about them when they were mowed down by cattle trucks and whatever less than 100 yards from Pantex Plant property. The "West Gate"is open now in the mornings only, I guess they also found that the plant as a whole was perfectly happy to set in their autos for 20 or 30 minutes waiting to get in the gate to go to work. But no, we still set in line in the evenings to get OUT of Pantex. That's not on BWXT's dime.

The former contractor would inform the workforce of their performance and future plans once a year in the form of an all hands meeting at the Amarillo Civic Center, on company time. There have been -0- allhands meetings now that BWXT is in town.

Amarillo is a very conservative area also, but now our Radiation safety workers, and our nursing staff in the medical facility have felt it necessary to join the ranks of unionized workers and our engineers are not far behind. This is a direct result of the BWXT iron fist management style.

In short BWXT has done what Mason & Hanger never could and that is make Mason & Hanger look good.

Great. I'm sure we'll get a good(or bad?) taste of BWXT when they swoop in on TA-55 and take over the management of LANL's Pu operations.

Perhaps "THE DISENCHANTED PANTEXAN" should be careful what he asks for... didn't care for M&H and now this person thinks BWXT sucks... if you think DOE is changing M&O's just to satisfy your complaints, you are in for a very unhappy time.
Mason-Hanger "managed" the LANL guards until about 12 - 15 years ago. They were really aweful. They ended up having a strike that was caused by nothing more than the guards' dissatisfaction with management. Mason-Hanger started out by building the Brooklyn Bridge. They should have stuck to the construction business.

The more recent management, Protection Technology of New Mexico,
seems to be keeping the guards happier. Not a good idea to piss off people that carry guns.

The story from Pantex is rather disgusting behavior on the part of BWXT. They probably have a lot of butthead admirals in their organization.
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