Thursday, December 22, 2005

Linked from Slashdot

This blog is linked today from, a high-volume tech news site. The running list of wasteful activities on this blog's sidebar is specifically pointed out there. Lots of people are reading about how LANL conducts business today.

Here's a link to the slashdot article:



The following should be added to the running list of wasteful LANL activities.

At appx 0950 today, Dec 22, 4 people who needed to deal with the badge office were not able to because the badge office was locked so that everyone could watch the all hands meeting. This was explained by a sign posted on the locked door which in part said that the badge office would be closed from 9am until 15 minutes after the end of the all hands meeting. Furthermore, the posted sign said it was also going to be locked from 1245 until 15 minutes after the afternoon all hands meeting.

Why is it so important to close one of the most critical LANL offices? Throughout LANL, group and division offices functioned during the all hands meeting. Why not the badge office? Did the S-6 group office okay this closure? Did SDO know about this? Does LANL come to a halt when there is an all hands meeting?

This closure was a waste of taxpayers' money and should be reported. Hopefully the new director (is this the 3rd in 4 years?) takes a long look at this list and also takes a long look at some of the current director's decisions, including the one that makes mail delivery on any system other than those managed by CCN virtually impossible. Hopefully the new director will be able to distinguish between sound computer security decisions and ones that are designed to further someone's position.

But I hope the first action taken by the new director is to get rid of "all hands meetings". We aren't in the Navy!
They have all hands meetings at LLNL. And they close up all groups during them so that people can attend them. So I think TravisMcGee will get his Christmas wish either.
Another interesting wasteful activity is that quite a few groups and offices start operating on a skeleton crew about midweek before the holiday shutdown. It seems that some managers give all their people a day off and just close down on Friday. Its rather arbitrary on who gets selected to receive a free day off. I bet that these people are NOT having to take a vacation day. Its really not fair to people that have legitimately taken extra vacation days and worse for those left behind to grind it out until 5:00PM on Friday. Same thing happened on the Wed before Thanksgiving. Even a Associate Director told his people that its not "official lab policy" but I am saying that you can leave early.
X Division sent everyone home about 1330 on Friday, the 23rd.
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