Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Let's hope for the best

Please post anonymously--

I was very concerned about how basic science would
fare under Lockheed/UT, and about the lab's identity,
and my own identity: scientist working in the national
interest, or cog in the military industrial complex.

I did not want to be associated with Lockheed, especially
after reading their advertisements glorifying our
military. The Lockheed slogan is "We never forget who
we're working for"--but they don't say who that is.
Is it the taxpayer? The average American? Or guys
in the Pentagon who sign the checks?

UC is not perfect, but I was planning my exit (but keeping
that to myself) in the event of Lockheed. Only now
is it clear that some of the best scientists I know around
here were doing the same.

Let's hope for the best.

Anonymous Ph.D.

I've been at the Lab for almost 25 years and I've always been amused by the people who believe they are college professors rather than scientists and engineers working for the military-industrial complex. We need to remember that the government pays the bills to keep the weapons laboratory that is LANL functioning. That provides the entitlements for the other stuff that is done here on the hill.
Ray Leonard
I, for one, welcome our new military-industrial corporate overlords.
Today's decision reinforces my decision to leave LANL last Sep. Standby for "SSDD" on a regular basis. I wish you the best....
To the anonymous Phd.

Wow, dude.. can you please share whatever you are smoking. No wait, I have a PSAT coming up.

I really can't see how you figure you do not currently work for the military-industrial complex. The level of cognitive dissonance you have is worthy of study for someone else's PhD thesis.

This doesn't matter who runs the lab.. LANL exists for 3 major reasons:

A) To make sure that the existing nukes will blow up when we want them.
B) To figure out ways to detect when other people are blowing up nukes.
C) To figure out ways to build future nukes if they are ever needed.

All of those reasons are standard "military industrial complex" stuff. You might be studying why various microbes eat certain plastics.. but that is only being funded because someone found out that a bomb part degraded from some bacteria and want to know why.

You might do work for others, but the idea is that if you are needed to build a next-gen bomb because the old ones were found to stop working for some reason on Jan 16, 2007.. and the North Koreans have sucessfully invaded China and Japan.

Anyway.. thanks for giving me a reason to smile today.
Very well said Gruntled Guy.
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