Thursday, December 15, 2005

Latest rumors

From Anonymous:

Announcement likely December 19-20. The Director will hold an
all-employee meeting shortly after the DOE press conference
announcing the selection. No details will be presented in the press
conference or all-employee meeting.

Further, rumor has it that it is UC/Bechtel that will be announced.

This uncomfortable rumor seems to have its basis in the relative size of Dominici's Huevos, relative to Hobson's, as regards to who holds the purse strings for DOE's budget.

So much for a non-political decision process.
Fink – I think you might need a vacation. Why is it that any selection except LM must be considered” political”? I think you should look at the selection criteria, and what will be public record after the selection. Overt political action, like a single congressman or senator’s opinion, can not sway the scoring. The politics all come in beginning, and designing the RFP. There were huge politics in that part, including upping the fee to 79 million to get LM to bid. This was one of Hobson’s many gifts to the nation – make sure that profit is the main management motive. Other Hobson gifts, “substantially equivalent benefits”, and that benefits can not be more than 105% of the complex average.
Take a look at Bechtels web site and then Lockheed Martins Make sure you look at their respective capabilities. In my view, Bechtel looks like amatuer hour. If the decision is UC/Bechtel the fat cats have won and it will be business as usual or worse.
W76-- Finknottle is right. UC is such an incompetent pack of screw-ups that if they are given the contract the only possible reason for it would be political.
Of course politics is involved. Politics was involved in McCarthyism, execution of the Rosenbergs and Oppenheimer's security retraction. Politics is similarly involved in the WHL witch-hunt, LANL under the microscope and attribution of all fault to UC. Politics is similarly involved in the selection of DOE chief Brooks who comes from the fantasy land of Bolton. LM is a major player influencing foreign policy and the astounding rise in military spending. And you complain about politics? UC has shot itself in the foot in many ways, first and foremost by not telling the Admiralty to politely F.O. The lab is supposed to be in the nation's interest not that of a pack of privateers and warmongers.
Overt political action, like a single congressman or senator’s opinion, can not sway the scoring. - W76

I'm hoping this is sarcasm. If not, then I suggest that W76 volunteer to serve on a Division Leader screening/selection committee at the next available opportunity.
I have been much more impressed by the attitude/energy LM over UC/Bechtel, so I hope this is not true.

The employees have already lost the only great thing that UC brings to LANL, UCRP. But since both UC and Bechtel are terrible at management- DOE/Congress came up with a true lose-lose scenario.

LANL employees are so downtrodden, this place is utterly depressing. If any of you out there are looking for a great place to work- DON'T COME HERE!!! Life in this Bell Jar is on the declining slope.
There is one benefit to having a UC-managed LLC. I would trust UC to do
a much more thorough job of making sure the new LLC pension and benefits
tracked what we had in the old UCRP system. It's also possible that
UC may have learned their lesson and will finally put better management
in place. Maybe not, but if UC wins, one can at least be hopeful.

The real losers in a UC/Bechtel LLC win may be those working in the
plutonium pit production (also known affectionately as "pit whores").
Bechtel will likely be given authority over this area, and from all
that I've heard about Bechtel out at NTS, it's not going to be a
pleasant working environment.

You can portray LANL staff as "the poor downtrodden" if you wish, but the reality is that the majority of staff were (and still are) cowards in the face of abusive management. With but a few exceptions, LANL staff were afraid to speak out against former director Nanos and his cadre of yes-persons.

Up until just recently, staff were still claiming that they required anonymous posting rights on this blog for fear of suffering reprisals from management. The reality is that the majority of people who work at LANL are cowards, and deserve exactly what they got from past and current LANL management, and from whatever the new contractor chooses to dish out.

There have only been a notable few who were not afraid to face up to management at LANL and the University of California; we all know who they are because they used their own names when expressing outrage at the inept and abusive treatment that is the hallmark of LANL and UC managers.

I am proud of those few who had the morals and ethics to take a stance regarding the unbelievable acts of incompetence and abuse that occured at Los Alamos this past year. I am ashamed of the rest of you.
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