Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Last Call for limericks

One last opportunity for a limerick or two. Anybody have one they would like to send in?


Submitted by a LANL staff member

In the lab that Oppie started
SOPs never were charted.
Just leave it to Pete,
The problem to beat:
All the scientists have departed.

This was written by my brother

Another one from a LANL staffer

There once was a director name Kukuck
Who arrived to fix the big f*ck up
But it was too late
To alter our fate
With cards dealt by political muckers.

What is the website to which Eric is referring?
There once was a lab most famous,
on a boys ranch named Los Alamos.

Orders they heeded,
gave the world what was needed

And for that, now they've been Lockheeded
There once was the schedule 9-8
but missing CREM was in our fate
now we are in doubt
during this political bout
and the president hails from which state?
Behold the Bear, UC, erect. Will
He hold safe the LANL projectile?
At least there's protection
Against all that's Texan,
But who's to protect us from Bechtel?

-Born in Los Alamos 1955
Another limerick, and a haiku from an anonymous contributor.

A limerick:
There once was a lab called Los Alamos
That was going to be run by ... who knows
It could be Lockheed
Or the old guys, indeed
Either way, this process blows

But I really prefer haiku:
Cold winter morning
Los Alamos announcement
Merry Christmas, y'all

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