Thursday, December 01, 2005

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Submitted by Anonymous:

Has anyone else noticed that those kids on the school bus look like they are trying to escape?

That's funny. Now that you mention it, they do seem somewhat desperate to get out of that bus.
This picture comes from a new movie called "Escape from Los Alamos". It
has just about everything you could want -- exploding nukes, radiation
infected mutants with big heads, and an evil corporation called "Uck"
at the center of a huge conspiracy to funnel large loads of cash to
their corrupt cronies. Of course, the "government guys" who come into
town to save the place end up f*cking up everything. The ending is
great, and will come as a complete surprise to most of the audience.
I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Just go see it.

It's scheduled to premier on the Big Screen on Dec 9th if all the last
minute film edits can be completed on time.
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