Wednesday, December 28, 2005

If management knew how to treat their employees,

Hi Doug;

I have been following the LANL recompete and your blog for the past couple of months. I have to say that I was a big fan of Lockheed/UT as well. (probably comes from being a Longhorn!) Thank you for the insight!

I have always said that if management knew how to treat their employees, there would be no need for my services. I have spent the past 25 years working with Ph.D level scientists in cutting edge sciences and high performance computing. If one has to work, then I believe you should wake up everyday excited about about your job and eager for the chance to perform. If there are people who wish to examine what lies beyond the Lab, I would be happy to discuss the possibilities.

Here is my contact information and my URL with current job opportunities for scientists in computational science, nanotechnology, high performance computing.

Good luck to you to all.

Penelope Clayton-Smith
Quantum Recruitment
214 293-0604

I know I'll probably be blasted for giving this advice, but I've
come to believe that LANL could be helped by bringing in a well respected
INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGIST to help with the reorganization. Instead of
wasting $165K /yr on a "Morale Officer" who has no credentials for
her job, re-program the position for a lab-wide industrial psychologist.

Frankly, LANL is, in many ways, the most dysfunctional organization I
have ever witnessed. I'm sure that many of the staff who have worked
at LANL would probably agree with this statement: LANL is a set of
separate "fiefdoms" called Divisions connected by a common janitorial
service. You've all seen examples of this as blog posters from different
lab cultures like X-Div, T-Div, NMT, DX, etc. all attack one another.
We can do better.

Let's face the hard facts. The reorganizations that are about to begin
will cause fear and anger as existing power structures are broken up at
this lab. This is where an unbiased observer (ie, industrial psychologist)
might be of service. When one looks at the vast sums of money wasted
on disasters like the Enterprise Project, the seven month shut-down,
and our abusive Admiral Butthead and the lasting damage he's done,
the cost of a good industrial psychologist is in the noise. Perhaps
it's past due for the whole LANL workforce to symbolically "lay down
on the couch" and find out exactly what is wrong with this place and
begin to fix it. I can assure you, it's a much bigger problem than
just a highly dysfunctional upper management. We have problems that
have infected a large segment of the whole workforce and they need
to be exposed and corrected in a humane fashion. We can't do anything
about the issues that flow from a dysfunctional DOE. We can fix some
of the problems that are generated in our own back yard. Perhaps it's
time to call in a good corporate "shrink" to help us solve problems
that go way beyond just "lousy upper management".
Someday good2go, this will be turned into a case study for MBA students.
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