Monday, December 19, 2005

Future of Lab To Be Discussed Tuesday at Los Alamos Disarmament Center

Dear LANL folks and other readers --

My name is Greg Mello. I'm the director of the Los Alamos Study Group, a
research and educational NGO located in Albuquerque (main office,
library, etc.) -- and, starting this month, also in Los Alamos.

On Tuesday we're having an open house; details can be found in the press
release below. Perhaps most of you won't be all that interested, but a
few of you might be curious as to who we are, what we are up to, or what
if anything we might know about the policy context of the coming
transitions at LANL.

Most of the time, the Center will be staffed by volunteers, but on
Tuesday after work you can meet the staff and at least some of the board.

Of possible general interest, we've just put together a little
background piece on Lockheed Martin, at The piece
isn't all it might be, but some of you might want to follow some of the
research leads.

Press Advisory: For Immediate Release 12/17/05
Future of Lab To Be Discussed Tuesday at Los Alamos Disarmament Center

Study Group Board, Staff, To Be Available at Open House
Contact: Greg Mello or Fatima Portugal: 505-265-1200 in Albuquerque;
505-661-9677 in Los Alamos; cells 505-577-8563 and 505-795-8025 respectively

Los Alamos – On Tuesday, December 20, at 5:30 pm, the Study Group will
host an informal get-together at its new Los Alamos Disarmament Center.
The suggested theme of the evening will be the future of Los Alamos
National Laboratory (LANL). Light refreshments will be served.
Background papers and relevant books will be available for purchase.

The Center is located in downtown Los Alamos at 1362 A-2 Trinity Drive,
midway between Trinity Drive and Central Avenue, directly across Central
(and about 300 feet south) of the Bradbury Science Museum.

As of this writing, the new operating contractor for LANL has not been
announced. “The deeper issue, however, is not just who will run the lab
but what the lab will do,” suggested Study Group Director Greg Mello.
“On November 7, Congress tentatively directed LANL to make the plutonium
cores (“pits”) for the nations nuclear stockpile, and approved a roughly
billion-dollar new building to facilitate that work at LANL. Will LANL
actually do that work, and if so at what scale, for how long, and with
what result?”

Other topics of possible interest to the Los Alamos community that might
come up Tuesday include:

* Should LANL continue to operate an on-site nuclear waste disposal
site? If so, what are the long-term implications for economic
development and environmental protection on the Parajito Plateau? Does
perceived environmental amenity have economic value? Is there some
transcendent reason to permanently pollute the land?

* Should LANL conduct research involving potential biological weapons
agents, the preferred alternative in a current environmental impact

Lurking in the background are larger questions still, such as whether
the U.S. should develop new kinds of nuclear weapons, as planned and now
under way at LANL and the other two nuclear weapons laboratories, and
whether the U.S. should attempt to comply with the Nuclear
Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) (which the International Court of Justice
has unanimously ruled requires full nuclear disarmament) and if so, how?

Tuesdays session will just lightly touch on some of these rich subjects.
We anticipate an informal, free-flowing discussion in which interested
visitors will be able to buttonhole the staff and board of directors of
the Study Group, get acquainted, and flag subjects of common interest
for future discussions. Come one, come all.


Greg Mello
Los Alamos Study Group
2901 Summit Place NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
505-265-1200 voice
505-265-1207 fax
505-577-8563 cell
(signal very weak in the office; messages
on cell phone may not be received promptly)

I think that Greg Mello (aka, "I AM AFRAID OF EVERYTHIHG NUCLEAR") has confused the readers of this blog with people who might give a damn about what he and his study group have to say.

He should contact Chris Mechels (aka, I HATE LANL").
Good to hear about the on-site office and great snapshot of Lockheed Martin.
Good luck with the meeting.
Greg - Get Lost
Whatsdamatterwithyou and Darhtman - What are YOU afraid of?
Anything wrong with a different point of view?
Hey guys, don't be so hard on him.
He's gotta be a brother in arms if he heads up a "research" organization, right?
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