Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Employees of the "new corporation"

From Anonymous:

Most people think that because the UC got the contract that they are going to remain UC employees and that it will be business as usual. The truth is, they will not. They will become employees of the "new corporation" whereby all contribution to their UC retirement will cease and they will have to start all over again, unless they retire. I wonder if they realize this or not. Does anyone at age 50 really want to hand over their money to the new corporation so that they can does they wish with it. If they do I say, what a bunch of fools.

Who runs either lab is irrelavnat to what most people are concerned about. I would venture to say if managment came out and told all of its employees that if they stay they will only have a 401k and no medial, at least 50% of the employees would walk off the job tomorrow. Why is it that non one is addressing the most important part of this entire two year event. Are people just stupid?

Yeah, we all know about it. Most of us are leaving May 31 but are hoping there is some twist before that.
To Anonymous:
You raise a good point. However from standpoint of concerned citizen staff benefits is NOT "the most important part" of this event. UC/Bechtel will implement bad policy whereas LM was going to actively make it worse. The lesser of two evils has won the day. The primary task remains: convert LANL to socially useful research and work.
well let's see

350 M for the stand down
200 M for worthless EP
80M/year for new "manager"
how many millions wasted for the "bid process" ?
how many millions wasted for "transition" ?

and I took a PAY CUT in 2005 to convert from a contract position because there is NO MONEY?
" The lesser of two evils has won the day"

Tell that to Todd's family and all the others who were destroyed by these corrupt bureaucrats.

Certainly no hint of politics in this decision huh Bodman.
Did anyone, besides me, notice that Secy. Bodman referred to Bechtel first and then UC? And did everyone notice that his summary listed business practices first, science second, and national security third?


Thank God--oops! Intelligent Design--OK, the Lucky Stars--that science was at least second on the list.
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