Thursday, December 22, 2005

Details scarce on contract decision

ROGER SNODGRASS,, Monitor Assistant Editor


Harold Agnew, who was director from 1970-79, had a lighthearted suggestion about Michael Anastasio, director of Lawrence Livermore, who is to become LANL director under the new contract.

"This decision will make poor Michael Anastasio unhappy," he said in a telephone interview from southern California. "Michael did a really good job at Lawrence Livermore and I don't think he really wants to leave there. But I have a solution - Michael should work at Los Alamos for a little while then get a doctor's certificate that says at 7,600 feet he can't operate. Then he goes back to Livermore and they hire Paul Robinson (Lockheed's choice to be director) to take his place and everyone's happy."


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I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I wasn't overly impressed
with our new Director's (Anastasio) performance at the Thurs All-Hands
meeting. He seems OK, but nothing special, especially considering
the astonishing $1.3 mill salary he's going to be earning. With a salary
like that, I'll doubt he'll be wanting to leave LANL anytime soon.

Anyone else find his first meeting with the LANL staff to be impressive?
Is there something I'm missing about this guy that makes him a such
a managerial 'superstar'?
You gotta love Harold Agnew. Not many like him around anymore.
Yeah, Harold is one in a million. He hired PhD women as secretaries, clerks, and techs.
And if he called you an arrogant butthead cowboy, it was because he liked you!
Anyone still wonder about the role of Bechtel in the Bechtel/UC LLC? The answer is: Bechtel will take over management--NOT from UC--but from DOE, the real manager of LANL all along. Read on, and read carefully between the lines:

"Gene Rodriguez, a Department of Energy senior program adviser, said he’s glad UC will remain the contractor because the university has a lot of experience running the lab and adding the Bechtel Corp. to the team will help improve security and operations at the lab. 'The federal perspective is that we hope the new contractor will enable us to pull back on our oversight,' Rodriguez said." (Santa Fe New Mexican, 22 Dec. 2005)

Yesterday, Anastasio, in response to a question from a LANL staff member, said there would be no Sandia-like "parallel ladder" structure of scientific vs management salary ($$$ = respect, in these United States). Now, to be fair, C. Paul Robinson as LANL Director would have been pulling down an undisclosed $million+, just like Anastasio. The degree of separation between managers and those in the trenches may very well grow in the next months.

Keep your eyes peeled.
The really, really revolting thing was Linton Brooks fawning approval of Pete Nanos at the all hands meeting. He is clueless as to the incredible damage Nanos did to LANL - and the terrible message that rewarding UC with the contract sends. It's going to get worse before it gets better.... and I didn't think it could get much worse.

BTW: The contract is up on the NNSA recompete site. I've printed it but haven't yet read it. It does look, however, that major sections are just place holders with the information to be filled in later (if at all).
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