Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bid announcement date


The more astute among you will have noticed that the latest estimated bid announcement date has come and gone. The actual announcement date will apparently be whenever DOE and NNSA can get the process under sufficient control to support their decision, whatever it turns out to be. I just hope it happens before Christmas.


I bet if you look up "incompetence" in the dictionary you'd see the DOE logo next to it... they make FEMA look a Malcom Baldridge award winner...

With only two bidders to choose from and DOE screws it up... what would have happened if there had been more qualified bidders?

Over time every government agency turns into a slow moving and inapt bureaucracy, that excel only at creating paper. Read either the Challenger or Columbia accident reports. The only true way to save the national labs is start over and create a new cabinet level "Department of Science, Engineering and Technology", and move the labs under it.

It will take the new agency years to generate new rules and standards to the same level that is currently choking the labs, and driving real research into the ground.
NNSA's record of never meeting a deadline is unbroken. Way to go, guys!
Um, why CHRISTMAS, Doug?
Why Christmas? It would be a nice present to everybody to have the uncertainty behind us.

"I just hope it happens before Christmas ? ? ? "

As the character who Bill Bob Thornton played (Santa) in the movie, "Bad Santa" said . . . . "Hope in one hand kid, shit in the other and see which one fills up first."
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