Monday, December 05, 2005

A.J. taps ex-Los Alamos investigator as police chief

By Mike Branom, Tribune
December 5, 2005
A former security investigator at a Los Alamos National Laboratory wrongly fired three years ago, leading to a $930,000 settlement, will be Apache Junction’s first permanent police chief since 2003, pending City Council ratification.

Glenn A. Walp was announced as City Manager George Hoffman’s pick on Monday. If the selection is approved at Tuesday’s council meeting, Walp will take over in January with a starting annual salary of $99,800.


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Walp is a good man. It is a sad commentary on LANL that they wouldn't deal with the issues he raised.
Ahhh JCM, um, I mean Lucky - you really are blind to the facts of most LANL issues aren't you. Walp and you have similar things in common though - you zero in on something with blinders at 90 degrees, intent on proving something that fits your paradigm of thinking, yet totally ignoring all of the facts. I can see why you'd be a Walp homer - makes perfect sense now.
Infallable has it right about Walp and the other ex-cop. What got them in trouble was that they were known to be leaking personnel information from their investigations. When the word of this got out, people wouldn't talk to them. By their own actions, they made it impossible for them to perform their jobs. Their termination was justified. The real problem was that UC was spineless in dealing with this!

Remember that these were the people who told the press the LANL was a "den of thieves." In the end, there was no Mustang and only a few thousand dollars of $30M of credit card purchases could not be proven to be correct.

Never forget that the line between cops and crooks is very thin.
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