Thursday, December 22, 2005

The $1.3 million man

Profile: Michael Anastasio

December 22, 2005

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Director Michael Anastasio will become director of Los Alamos National Laboratory when Los Alamos National Security takes over the lab’s management next year.

Anastasio, a nuclear physicist, was leader of the combined University of California and Bechtel National partnership that was chosen by the Department of Energy on Wednesday to run LANL. He was named director of LLNL, located an hour east of San Francisco, in 2002.


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If thats true - No one is worth that much. I am sure the upper management team will be very well compensated now that they have a 79mil + salary fee every year and we won't be privy to salary information anymore under a LLC. At least they will get to stay in UCRP.
Where do you get the "At least they will get to stay in UCRP."?
The Director and senior management team which I believe as Mike stated today are around 20 people are paid out of the management fee as they have always been and will retain the benefits from their parent organizations which in this case will be UC, Bechtel, BWXT and the Washington Group. I am sure the senior management team will be comprised of individuals from these 4 entities. As a matter of fact the DOE is kicking in extra money on top of the management fee for this first couple years that pay these 20 or so peoples salary.
If the new Director is going to make a salary of $1.3 million, what
will our new ADs be making? Anyone have the foggiest idea? Will they,
likewise, see some extreme salary increases? Will it be possible in
the future to even have an idea what the LANS LLC is paying our top
Salaries may or may not increase significantly at the AD level, but look for these individuals to be highly motivated by the opportunity for performance based bonuses. BIG bonuses - remember the compensation for these positions has to stay competitive with the rest of the parent corporations.
Then it is truly as this poem says:

A Los Alamos Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the labs came the word from Saint Bodman of the contract we have.

Employees sit quite watching the boob tube in awl, as he swears with a straight face that no politics was involved.

As he spoke to the people whom DOE just screwed, the director was given a signal, do not snooze.

By noon of the same day Michael announced he was through, then jumped on a plane in route to the new.

As we sat by and wondered why Mike's was in such a hurry, the answer was big bucks that loomed in the flurry.

1.3 million to be exact, as he licks his lips as if they were chapped.

Now say howdy to Miller, Knapp and Shotts, whose pay most likely will quadruple on the spot.

It not about good science, technical achievements or people, but all about fame that can be achieved by evil.

So say goodbye to your retirement, benefits and dreams, since those whom you once worshiped just brought you to your knees.

Is it time for payback as the deadline draws near, where the masses of intellects leave these facilities in fear.

The answer is yes and let there be no fear, for we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years
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