Sunday, November 06, 2005

Workers with a high-level security clearance are in extreme demand these days

Comment of the week, submitted by "good2go"

Never Forget:

Workers with a high-level security clearance are in extreme
demand these days, esp. if they have a background in science
and computers. If you are un-happy with LANL, remember that
there are plenty of employers who would dearly love to hire
a smart scientist with a clearance background. Los Alamos
is not the center of the Universe, and if you don't feel
this environment is healthy or fun any longer, you have the
freedom to move to a better environment. Just be sure to
keep your clearance while you are making the job transition,
as it will greatly expedite the process.

For starters, try going over to "" and type in
the words "security clearance". Note how many special
job fairs are being held exclusively for security cleared
individuals. In fact, one was just held in ABQ on Nov 4th.

Around DC, these special job fairs are being held all over
the place, and workers with a TS/SSBI can generally expect
to grap a job that pays around a 30% to 40% premimum for
having that clearance. It's too bad that LANL is now
yanking Q clearances immediately upon leaving the lab.

After how management has treated its staff at LANL this past year, the institution deserves to lose as many good staff as care to go elsewhere. What goes 'round comes 'round.
LANL doesn't have anything to do with losing access upon termination. That's all DOE, and it's not such a bad thing. Would you want some disgruntled employee with a Q getting back in to the area after they were fired? The clearance can always be reinstated, and the less time between jobs, the faster the reinstatement will be.
Actually, good as the advice is, it is a tad late, as many of the best scientists have already left. However, there are still plenty of good positions on the outside for many of those remaining, as good2go suggests.
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