Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Why isn't NNSA jumpng all over this story?

Why isn't NNSA jumpng all over this story? Is it because it was perpetrated by a Federal Employee instead of an incompetent M&O contractor?


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Just a couple of key quotes about the Pantex "scandal," which should get it closed down for about six months, I would guess (-just extrapolating from last year's shutdown of LANL):

"Investigators say they don't believe that the radioactive components of an atomic bomb - uranium and plutonium - have fallen into the wrong hands.

"But the investigation into the missing gear and the suspicion of inappropriate actions by someone with such easy access to nuclear components have raised questions about who is minding the store at the 9,100-acre facility, where atomic warheads are assembled, disassembled and stored."
The question was posed and quite nicely answered. LANL is the favorite punching bag. End of story.
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