Tuesday, November 01, 2005

UCSC and Los Alamos National Laboratory to form partnership for scientific data management

My google LANL news alert sometimes brings up press releases like this one. I wonder what the future of collaborations like this one are after December 1? I can see the value of collaborative efforts such as this, but I also wonder what cost code will pay for the LANL portion of work done on it.


The University of California, Santa Cruz, and Los Alamos National Laboratory have agreed to establish a new collaborative institute for research and education in the area of scientific data management. The Institute for Scalable Scientific Data Management (ISSDM) will address looming issues of data storage and management for projects that involve large-scale simulation and computing.

"This new partnership builds on a history of fruitful scientific collaboration between UCSC faculty and students and Los Alamos scientists. The educational and research programs supported by the institute will benefit both partners while addressing major challenges in scientific computing," said UCSC Chancellor Denice D. Denton.


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It all seems very neat, but the whole thing puzzles me as well.

I expect that, if UC loses, the various UC partnerships will wither away. We'll see. Expect to see announcements Dec. 3.

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